SEEBURGER & Supplier Solutions Optimize Supplier’s eStore Automation with Collaborative Punchout/B2B Integration

Leverages eStore Investment & Drives Supplier Sales via Increased Process Automation; Introduced at AribaLIVE 2012


LAS VEGAS – SEEBURGER and Supplier Solutions Inc. today announced a combined punchout/B2B integration solution that dramatically expands integration between a buyer’s eProcurement systems and  suppliers’ electronic storefront, ERP, EDI, logistics and financial systems, simplifying procurement as well as increasing supplier sales by enabling full automation of Requisition-to-Cash processes. The partnership – combining Supplier Solutions’ hosted punchout enablement platform with the SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite (BIS) – supports multiple eProcurement systems including the Ariba Commerce Cloud. 

The joint solution leverages Supplier Solutions’ decade of experience in delivering more than 1,400 punchout integrations, including pre-built adapters and connectors for more than 40 procurement systems; plus SEEBURGER’s comprehensive enterprise application integration, business process automation and B2B/EDI functionality, which has powered trading partner integration for more than 8,800 businesses around the globe for more than two decades.    

The resulting seamless integration of the requisition process and B2B/EDI flows delivers true collaborative commerce, including a 360-degree view of transactions from requisition to the appropriate payment and remittance processes. Benefits include: 

  • Improved integration of suppliers’ online catalogs with buyers’ order fulfillment and tracking information systems, significantly reducing manual processes.
  • Increased supplier sales made possible by modernization and consolidation of existing B2B and supply-chain processes. 
  • Easy business process customization to support unique buyer eProcurement needs.
  • Proven scalability for adding new buyer systems, while optimizing and leveraging existing supplier’s eCommerce environments.
  • Multiple punchout options, including a full-featured catalog solution as well as punchout enablement for existing storefronts. 

“The conventional punchout requisition/response exchange and subsequent PO delivery leave large gaps in integrating the buyer’s eProcurement system to the supplier’s online store and catalog, substantially limiting the value to the collaborating parties,” said SEEBURGER Vice President Victor Pinsker. “The ability of this partnership to close these gaps through seamless integration empowers suppliers to maximize their eCommerce sales.” 

“Suppliers understand that they must collaborate with their buyers to remain competitive, but it is difficult to do that with each buyer having different business rules and eProcurement systems,” said Nik Brisbin, President of Supplier Solutions. “The joint solution we now offer with SEEBURGER helps suppliers address those challenges, and thereby increase revenues, by enabling buyers to more fully automate and integrate their procurement processes into everyday workflows.” 

SEEBURGER and Supplier Solutions are presenting their combined platforms at Booth #22 at the Ariba LIVE 2012 conference this week in Las Vegas. See for more information.



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About Supplier Solutions

Supplier Solutions develops and maintains cloud-based, Punchout Ready® solutions that connect suppliers to their eProcurement-based buyers. By bridging the gap between existing eCommerce capabilities and buyers' demands, Supplier Solutions helps suppliers offer a personalized punchout catalog. With connectors to more than 40 different eProcurement Systems, including Ariba, SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft, SciQuest, Hubwoo, and Ketera, Supplier Solutions is not only helping suppliers increase sales but acquire new business across multiple platforms. Supplier Solutions leads the industry in Punchout Enablement. For more information please visit