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Training  |  BIS 6 Basics

Duration: 2 days
Price: 1.440,- € (plus tax per person)
Requirements: see Training Finder

Due to Covid-19, this training is only offered online until further notice.

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Basics for the hybrid integration of API, EDI, MFT, IoT, SAP S/4HANA and E-Invoicing on BIS 6

Administration and configuration of the SEEBURGER Business Integration Server 6. BIS 6 uses open standards and its service-oriented architecture allows the deployment of individual integration components (e.g. converters, communication) within existing API/Messaging infrastructure.


  • BIS 6 system architecture and technology
  • BIS process execution
  • User interface (BIS Portal frontend)
  • User administration and permissions
  • Configuration communication adapters
  • Converter config (repository, mapping management, MapDB)
  • Trading partner management
  • Monitoring, reporting and maintenance
  • Support Service Agent (SSA)
  • Additional features

The topics are covered in depth in numerous exercises and by means of simple integration examples. This training is a core part of the SEEBURGER Certified Integration Professional certification.


  • You will learn by completing hands-on practical exercises for basic skills needed for independent administration and configuration of SEEBURGER BIS 6.

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