Integration of SAP to non-SAP-systems

B2B/EDI-expansion for SAP PI

SEEBURGER supplements the SAP PI platform with B2B/EDI adapters that can be fully integrated into the SAP environment. The SEEBURGER solution ensures that companies meet the compliance requirements associated with B2B/EDI tasks – for example archiving electronic business documents. As a result of working with SAP on development and support, SEEBURGER’s solution has achieved SAP’s Premium Qualification status (the highest status for an SAP third-party product). This ensures that our customers are getting the most from their investment in SAP.

More than 700 companies worldwide already use the SEEBURGER B2B/EDI Adapter to extend the functionality of their SAP PI. To date, 14 SEEBURGER adapters have been certified for use with various versions of SAP PI:

  • Industry-specific adapter packages
    Covering consumer goods to the automotive industry – packages cover all conventional industry standards (such as EDIFACT, ANSI X.12) and communication protocols for the integration of customers and suppliers. And to ensure swift completion of projects, the packages also include mapping templates – ready-made templates – for interfaces between industry standards and SAP’s own interfaces.
  • Adapter packages for cross-industry EDI/B2B tasks
    Functioning similarly to the Payment Adapter, it acts an interface between a company and the banking sector. This package also includes mapping templates for sending banking messages such as remittance orders or receiving account information.
  • Technical adapters
    Expands SAP PI by adding specific functions such as AS2 or OFTP.
  • Adapter for Managed File Transfer
    Integrates SAP PI and SEEBURGER SEE FX (Secure File Exchange) for secure data exchange between Human-to-Human and Human-to-System.
  • Adapter for Compliance Check
    Provides extended syntax check of messages with fault-reporting  (visualization of errors as HTML report).
  • Adapter for market communication in the utilities industry
    Enables utility companies to adjust business processes and information systems to compliance regulations for electronic data exchange.

Real-time SF-SAP-dataintegration and -exchange.

Monitoring – Message Tracking – document processing for SAP PI

For comprehensive control SEEBURGER provides monitoring solutions in SAP

  • B2B Message Tracking 
    full transparency of business critical integration processes at any time
  • End-to-End  Process Monitor (B2B-activities plus SAP-processing)
    - processing status of SEEBURGER PI adapter is being reported to central monitoring
    - Wrapper component for SAP PI adapter to report errors to central monitoring
    - extended error monitoring in SEEBURGER Adapter Version 2.2.x
  • Document processing in SAP
    Visualisation – post-processing – Workflow-processing

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