Amazon Marketplace API Integration

Receive Marketplace reports for further processing in your backend systems

Do you use Amazon Marketplace in your business and buy and/or sell goods, products or services over the internet?

There are Amazon Marketpace integrations for online marketing and procurement, retail and wholesale, finance, manufacturing, online booking, and more. Amazon Marketplace integration is your digital link between your sales team and valuable customers and business partners.

SEEBURGER can help extend your e-commerce applications, included business processes and other assets across your entire ecosystem, both on-premises and in the cloud.

Amazon Marketplace offers web services that can be used to query various report types, including the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) report, as well as order, tax, and inventory reports. Our EAI/API solution components provide you with the capability to request specific report types or a dedicated report via an unique ID, and process them further using configurable BPEL processes within the Business Integration Suite. You can configure the time intervals for BPEL process execution individually, to either stay within the limitations and quotas of the Amazon Marketplace web services or retrieve information as soon as reports are available.

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