EDIINT AS2 Protocol

Send and receive data using AS2

Automate sending and receiving messages according to the IETF standard EDI, over Internet AS2. 

AS2 (Applicability Statement 2) is an HTTP-based protocol to transmit messages (especially EDI messages) safely, reliably and quickly. In the last 20 years, AS2 has become the most widely used protocol for EDI in many industries, such as the retail and the consumer goods industry. AS2 can be used almost everywhere and provides you with a real-time status on data transmission. Cost efficiency, hereby, results from transmitting messages cheaply and quickly via the internet. You can freely choose between an on-premises solution or a fully cloud-based service. Connecting to the SEEBURGER Cloud is also possible via one single AS2 connection.

The Drummond certified EDIINT AS2 protocol can help you to connect and transfer data using any interface or communication protocol between your applications, business processes, systems, and trading and business partners across your entire ecosystem. 

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