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SEEBURGER Mappings and Partner Connections

Ready-made integration assets such as mappings, process templates and partner connections

The BIS Platform supports various types of data formats and structures, depending on industry, applications, business processes and more, including:

Flat files (in-house messages)

XML schemas, including SEEXML
SEEBURGER has developed SEEXML, our own canonical format, which is used in our Partner Mappings offering

CSV/DSV formats (comma-separated/delimited vectors)

Financial Services standards such as DTA, SWIFT, ISO 20022 (e.g. SEPA or SIC5), IAT-ACH (NACHA), BAI, BACS, PGP, XMLDSig

EDI standards such as Europe’s EDIFACT with its subsets such as EANCOM, EDIFICE, EDIFURN, typical North American formats such as the ANSI X12 standard, the UK format TRADACOMS, and regional automotive standards VDA, ODETTE, GALIA, CAP, ARUA

Aviation and Defense industry standard AECMA

All DTD/SCHEMA-based XML messages such as: ebXML, cXML, xCBL, openTrans, CIDX, PIDX, RosettaNet

SEEBURGER provides 20,000 mappings and partner connections

SEEBURGER Mapping and Process Template packages include:

Testing landscape for mappings

Packaging, documentation and guidelines

Partner connections and configurations

Training and more

SEEBURGER provides 20,000 mappings and partner connections offered in the SEEBURGER Cloud, available as accelerators (templates) for on-premises deployment or as part of a cloud migration.

Are you interested in a specific map, mappings, process packages or a partner configuration? Do you want to discuss how our mapping and configuration content can best meet your needs? Contact us here.