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Digitalization in the Financial Ecosystem

Modernize and secure the flow of data for a smarter payment ecosystem

The Final Countdown to ISO 20022

One secure and scalable platform to enable modernization of banking processes and reliable customer relationships

From developing new business models to complying with changing regulatory requirements and rising customer expectations: a constant barrage of demands and challenges is overwhelming financial institutions.

We help the world's largest banks and corporates process millions of transactions each day, supporting digitalization strategies and initiatives such as ISO 20022 migration, adding faster and smarter payment processing capabilities and achieving compliance. Gain agility, speed and the ability to respond agilely to market demands while proactively protecting yourself against tomorrow’s risks.

More than 14,000 satisfied customers

  • MoneyGram Logo
    MoneyGram International Improves Security, Flexibility and Compliance to Increase Customer Satisfaction

    MoneyGram International (MGI) was using a variety of applications to send and receive mission-critical business data and files to customers, partners and agents. Simply maintaining all of these systems required significant time, money and resources. In addition, MGI’s data and file transmission solution had been heavily customized and composed of multiple unsupported, out-of-maintenance software products.

    MGI needed a cost-effective solution to consolidate twelve different applications into one hybrid integration platform. This platform needed to provide functionality, scalability and agility with no disruption to the business while reducing the total cost of ownership to MGI.

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  • SEB Logo
    Interview with SEB, a Leading Nordic Financial Services Group

    In this interview, discover how SEEBURGER has helped SEB to:

    • Help customers digitalize and automate the payment process
    • Drastically reduce time to onboard new customers and add self-service
    • Incorporate new, innovative processes to improve the customer experience
    • Improve implementation of new processes, i.e. configuration as opposed to development
    • Increase scalability to prepare for huge volume growth of real-time payments due to P27
    • Accelerate the adoption of APIs
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  • KBC Logo
    KBC Improves the Customer Experience, Mitigates Risk with SEEBURGER

    Today, most business processes for KBC involve exchanging regulated data. To ensure that transferred data is compliant and to mitigate risk for the organization, it’s important to secure, control, audit, and automate the electronic data exchange process with a managed file transfer (MFT) solution.

    KBC wanted the ability to develop new business features, to update current features, and to solve challenges it was having with business growth. They needed a solution that could provide faster partner onboarding, that could meet their regulatory needs such as GDPR compliance, and scale with their business.

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  • VSP Global Logo
    VSP Global Selects SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite to Modernize and Digitalize

    VSP Global comprises five complementary businesses that combine eye care insurance, high-quality eyewear, lens and lens enhancements, ophthalmic technology, and connected experiences to strengthen the relationship between patients and their eye doctors. There was a push within the Integration/EDI team to modernize and update their legacy applications that were script based and unable to keep up with their business growth. The goal was to replace its enterprise and GIS application vendor, and bring in efficiencies in on-boarding new partners without interruption to business.

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Modern payment experiences

The SEEBURGER Payments Integration Hub, powered by the secure and scalable SEEBURGER BIS Platform, handles data conversions, compliance and back-office integration for automated accounts payable and receivable, automatic reconciliation and faster straight-through processing. Our ready-to-use connectors map and translate different payment formats to ISO 20022 to enable better cash management and visibility.

Benefits for your company

Security and flexibility for critical financial transactions and new banking initiatives create more business value for the entire financial ecosystem.

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SEEBURGER Service for Trading Partners
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