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Digitalization in the Logistics Industry

Solutions to bring resilience and drive operational efficiency

Build resilience and maintain control amid industry challenges

The logistics landscape is constantly evolving. Your ability to pivot and quickly respond to change is more important than ever. Seamless integration across your applications, systems and people enables you to connect and automate route planning, gain visibility of inventory and product movement, and optimize and ensure the consistent flow of goods. We help companies in all areas of logistics optimize operations and boost business resilience, transforming even the toughest challenges into manageable tasks.

More than 14,000 satisfied customers

  • CargoCast Logo
    Cargo flow predictions based on integrated logistics data and artificial intelligence (AI)

    The start-up relies on high connectivity in data acquisition and efficient data management via BIS as crucial factors for accurate forecasts with artificial intelligence.

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  • HAAF Spedition Logo
    Making HAAF Digital With Strategic Integration Company-Wide

    With SEEBURGER BIS, the HAAF Group digitizes 90% of the order entry and implements further logistical processes in the areas of real-time capability and service orientation.

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  • ITL Logistics Logo
    ITL Logistics Increases Productivity by 80% with Omnichannel Integration

    Simplify complex business requirements between systems, customers and partners in the logistics industry.

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  • Hartmann Spedition & Logistik AG Logo
    Digitalizing Logistics Processes with a Fully-Managed Cloud Solution.

    SEEBURGER's fully managed cloud solution doesn’t just save us time and money, it also gives us better quality data exchange.

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  • Emons Spedition & Logistik Logo
    Standardization and digitalization of logistics processes for Emons

    Emons benefits from the very transparent and ultimately simplified data communication within the organization thanks to the future-proof SEEBURGER BIS 6 solution.

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Integration for your business

Increase efficiency, improve data flow and gain visibility of your entire logistics chain. SEEBURGER connects and streamlines various processes and disparate or legacy systems such as WMS, TMS and OMS, and automates manual processes, for any type of logistics business.


Increase Resilience with integration

Withstanding disruptions, adapting to unexpected events, and quickly returning to normal service levels are critical to maintaining operational excellence and meeting the needs of your customers. With SEEBURGER, one central platform enables seamless connectivity of applications, people and processes, allowing you to:

Connect all systems and minimize overhauling

When various data, e.g. transportation, warehouse, order processing, etc. is trapped in silos and is difficult to coordinate and share, this leads to inefficiency and delayed decision making. Connect your systems, people and processes to standardize and streamline your value chain operations. Not only does this make your business more resilient, it enables you to outperform your competition and better serve your current and future customers.

Onboard partners faster

Wouldn’t it be great to start working with new partners in days instead of weeks or months? Improve onboarding speeds by up to 90%, so you can quickly benefit from new partner relationships.

Get the visibility you need

Get access to real-time information on optimal routes, incoming shipments or inter-modal transportation. Visibility into supply operations and the ability to optimize routes dynamically with real-time data can transform your business.

Automate for efficiency

Automate manual tasks for your team to minimize human errors and increase their capacity to focus on initiatives crucial to company growth.

Collaborate across the supply chain

Build logistics resiliency against supply chain disruptions such as geo-political issues and natural disasters, with the ability to share data and information via a unified platform.

Easy Connectivity, Data Exchange and Integration Solution Replacement With the SEEBURGER Migration Suite
All Industries, API, B2B/EDI, BIS Platform, Cloud Services, Managed File Transfer
Easy Connectivity, Data Exchange and Integration Solution Replacement With the SEEBURGER Migration Suite
SEEBURGER | Sustainability Report 2023
All Industries, BIS Platform
SEEBURGER | Sustainability Report 2023