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Cloud Integration Services for API

The SEEBURGER Cloud Integration Services for API include capabilities for API integration and API management. In addition to the standalone service offering, this can also be a complement to B2B/EDI and other application integration for business processes and applications running on-premises, hybrid or in any cloud.

Cloud integration services for API integration and management

Our Cloud Integration Services for API are designed for scalability, including secure transactional processing with maximum traceability. A huge range of connectors are readily available, supporting REST- and SOAP-based WEB services. They also enable connectivity into IIoT technology and related applications and endpoints.

SEEBURGER Cloud Integration Services for API work for any use case, extending your B2B/EDI or MFT business flows. The services can enable data for any type of third-party application using a standard industry approach. The services also meet real-time integration requirements and may be used as standalone services or as add-ons to other cloud integration services.

Business benefits

Leverage business value

Provide your backend and legacy systems with a modern API facade. This makes your internal applications and systems also accessible for mobile applications and customer services. 

Gain security, scalability and reliability
  • All business flows are processed securely and fully in-memory
  • Standard messaging queues have been replaced by channel processing.
  • An optional use of an API Gateway adds functionalities such as access permissions, redirection, and throttling.
Maximize transparency

Monitor and track your technical and business processes to support your real-time needs. Organize roles, responsibilities and processes, and visualize your business processes via centralized monitoring.