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Hyperautomate and Digitalize Processes

The SEEBURGER BIS Platform offers dynamic, end-to-end automation capabilities with a configurable rules-based process engine. Configure, automate and monitor any integration scenario that your business needs, when you need it.

Hyperautomate and Digitalize Processes

At SEEBURGER, we support users who value configuration over development. The SEEBURGER BIS Platform offers ready-to-use, configurable modules for every type of user.

As a result, not only integration specialists but also business users are able to actively drive and contribute to integration and automation initiatives.

Reduce IT effort

and costs, increase security and eliminate repetitive manual tasks so that you can focus on your core business.

Rapidly deploy

and manage and automate integrations your way.

Boost efficiency

and productivity by using our agile process and workflow engine, prebuilt connectors and industry templates for smarter and faster interactions with on-premises systems, enterprise applications, SaaS applications and cloud platforms.

Seamless connectivity between 

Automate data transfers

Securely share valuable data through files, business documents or APIs of any volume between companies, people, processes and applications in the cloud, hybrid or on-premises — fully automated.

Automate and manage your business processes

Leverage our agile process engine, together with our API capabilities, to automate and manage your processes for any type of integration scenario.

Automate your customer, business and trading partner onboarding

Onboard your customers and partners in days, instead of weeks or months, with automated onboarding and data collection processes, using user specific forms, templates and self-services.

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