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API Integration and Management

The SEEBURGER BIS Platform empowers any type of user to implement, manage and support real-time integrations between applications, people and processes in any cloud.

Implement innovative business models and initiatives

SEEBURGER API Management and API Integration capabilities enable your IT team to implement innovative business models and new initiatives — including full lifecycle management from inception to end-of-life and everything in between — and manage APIs and support integrations between applications, people and processes.

Integrate data and offer application capabilities as a service

to link heterogeneous system and application landscapes via APIs in a way that adds value. 

Low-code process design

for easy and fast integration of on-premises and cloud-based applications and mobile devices.

Security and transparency

through access control, monitoring and analysis functions. 

Seamless connectivity between 

Maximize the user base 

Enable business users to implement integrations easily, autonomously and in a regulated manner. Accelerate API initiatives and increase flexibility for data-driven business processes. 

Efficiency and security

Centrally deploy existing integrations for efficient reusability and adhere to your security policies when designing new integrations. This paves the way to a modern and agile enterprise that is in control of its digital ecosystem.

Central governance

Centrally control roles, access rights and user management to ensure central governance for API traffic. Make the API lifecycle transparent to all users, internal and external.

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