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Connect and Automate Your Machinery and Plant Engineering Processes, Equipment and Facilities

Integrate disparate data from machines and manufacturing systems with the SEEBURGER BIS Platform

Drive sustainability in the machinery and plant engineering ecosystem

Digitalization and sustainability go hand in hand. Successful manufacturing engineering companies know that innovation, flexibility, an increasing fusion of production and information technologies, and differentiation through product-related services are key to their success. At the heart of this success are seamless digitalized processes. For the careful stewardship of energy and resources, a growing number of artificial intelligence applications and IIoT solutions are  becoming increasingly important to help companies in the manufacturing ecosystem achieve sustainability goals faster.

Networked manufacturing equipment contributes to sustainability efforts by creating smart, efficient and optimized manufacturing processes with digital monitoring. Many manufacturers are already using predictive maintenance for networked machines. By monitoring performance and equipment conditions, manufacturers can prevent equipment breakdowns and proactively manage the replacement of machines and their components. This also helps sustainability efforts by significantly reducing the amount of non-recyclable waste, while making production facilities more efficient.

Through the integration and standardization of your manufacturing data, the SEEBURGER BIS Platform enables predictive maintenance and adds real-time transparency to industrial manufacturing processes, production facilities and automated assembly lines.

More than 14,000 satisfied customers

  • KAESER Kompressoren Logo
    KAESER Digitizes Invoices Worldwide with SEEBURGER and TCG

    Machine manufacturer KAESER chose SEEBURGER solutions and services to implement a global e-invoicing strategy and make its invoice processing more efficient. Inbound and outbound e-invoicing solutions were implemented and expanded step-by-step over time to achieve KAESER’s e-invoicing goals.

    KAESER needed a sustainable SAP-integrated e-invoicing solution that supports all invoice formats and exchange channels as well as SAP-integrated further processing. KAESER was already using other B2B solutions from SEEBURGER before the e-invoicing project started. However, it was primarily the holistic approach of the SEEBURGER E-Invoicing Solution that convinced KAESER: utilizing OCR technology from SEEBURGER's long-standing partner TCG Process GmbH, it enables the processing of all incoming paper and PDF invoices.

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  • KSB Logo
    KSB relies on E-Invoicing Cloud Services

    In many countries, large companies are now required by law to transmit tax information and invoices in electronic form to customers or to the relevant tax authorities. KSB therefore sought a central service provider to fulfill the e-invoicing requirements from the respective national companies.

    Thanks to the long-standing partnership between KSB and SEEBURGER in the areas of B2B/EDI and SAP GTS (both on-premises), the decision to use additional SEEBURGER solutions was an easy one. KSB relies on SEEBURGER’s E-Invoicing Cloud Services here, as this environment is very dynamic and the services must always be kept up to date. At the start of implementation, KSB initially focused on Norway and Sweden.

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  • KAESER Kompressoren Logo
    KAESER Kompressoren uses SEEBURGER E-Invoicing Cloud Services

    Digital Invoicing ensures transparency and economic efficiency in many companies. In more and more cases it is also becoming legally binding and tax-relevant. In Hungary real-time VAT reporting to the Hungarian tax authorities (NAV) is required by law since 1st of July 2018 for invoices issued between domestic taxpayers.

    KAESER compressors already use various E-Invoicing solutions with SAP integration as cloud services from SEEBURGER, e.g. for ZUGFeRD. Due to the increasing number of country-specific directives, KAESER is pursuing an all-in-one strategy for B2B/B2G E-Invoicing services and has therefore also implemented the E-Invoicing solution in Hungary via the corresponding cloud service extension from SEEBURGER. The reporting data is now delivered to NAV securely and efficiently via XML files in real time. 

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Building sustainability with integrated manufacturing systems

Achieve your sustainability goals faster with the SEEBURGER advantage — B2B/EDI, MFT, API and IIoT capabilities powered by the SEEBURGER BIS Platform, our industry consultants and ready-to-use cloud integration services. Connect, integrate and automate your ecosystem of manufacturing processes, equipment and facilities from the shop floor to the top floor.

Benefits for your company

The SEEBURGER BIS Platform connects all your system data on a single site, or aggregate data across multiple sites, improving process automation for enterprise-wide business visibility.

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