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Become a SEEBURGER BIS Platform Certifed Integration Expert

BIS Platform training and certification for all your capabilities, cloud services and ecosystem integration

Get training from the SEEBURGER Academy to build the knowledge and skills you need for implementing, managing and troubleshooting the BIS Platform for API/EAI, B2B/EDI, MFT, IIoT, E-Invoicing, ERP and SAP S/4HANA integration.

You can also find content about the BIS Platform integration capabilities for self-paced knowledge building.

Whether you're just getting started using the BIS Platform or you‘re an experienced user, we have learning paths to help you succeed in your role.

Our training courses and workshops are structured so that participants can leverage knowledge gained from previous courses.To benefit the most from our advanced training, you need to complete a basic course level in the subject matter. We are happy to advise you on the best learning path for your needs.

Upcoming SEEBURGER Academy training courses

Training Date from Date until Timezone Location Laguage Price plus tax p.P. Duration
S-6000 BIS 6 Basic 06.11.2023 07.11.2023 EDT/MST online EN €1,680 2 days
S-6000 BIS 6 Basis 06.11.2023 07.11.2023 CET Bretten DE €1,680 2 days
S-6002 BIS 6 Aufbau 08.11.2023   CET Bretten DE €840 1 day
S-6002 BIS 6 Advanced 08.11.2023   EDT/MST online EN €840 1 day
S-6426 BIS Mapping Designer Basis 09.11.2023 10.11.2023 CET Bretten DE €1,680 2 days
S-6426 BIS Mapping Designer Basics 09.11.2023 10.11.2023 EDT/MST online EN €1,680 2 days
S-6000 BIS 6 Basic 13.11.2023 14.11.2023 CET Schiphol EN €1,680 2 days
S-6002 BIS 6 Advanced 15.11.2023   CET Schiphol EN €840 1 day
S-6426 BIS Mapping Designer Basics 16.11.2023 17.11.2023 CET Schiphol EN €1,680 2 days
S-6010 B2B. Sol. CPG 20.11.2023   CET online DE €840 1 day
S-6011 B2B. Sol. Automotive 20.11.2023   CET online DE €840 1 day
S-6014 BIS 6 Hybrid Integration 21.11.2023   CET online DE €840 1 day
S-6026 BIS 6 API/EAI Integration 22.11.2023 23.11.2023 CET online DE €1,680 2 days
S-6420 BIC 6 Basic 27.11.2023 28.11.2023 CET online EN €1,680 2 days
S-6426 BIS Mapping Designer Basics 29.11.2023 30.11.2023 CET online EN €1,680 2 days
S-6000 BIS 6 Basis 04.12.2023 05.12.2023 CET online DE €1,680 2 days
S-6002 BIS 6 Aufbau 06.12.2023   CET online DE €840 1 day
S-6420 BIC 6 Basis 07.12.2023 08.12.2023 CET online DE €1,680 2 days


How to find us

Bretten, Germany: SEEBURGER AG, Edisonstraße 1, 75015 Bretten, Germany, Phone +49 72 52 96-0
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Hamburg, Germany: SEEBURGER AG, Gasstraße 18, Haus 1, 22761 Hamburg, Germany, Phone +49 40 238824-0
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In case you arrive by car please contact us for parking details.
Brussels (Vilvoorde): SEEBURGER Benelux B.V., Office Belgium, Luchthavenlaan 27 PB 30, BE-1800 Vilvoorde, Phone +32 2 486 30 06
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Schiphol-Rijk, Netherlands: SEEBURGER Benelux B.V., Het Poortgebouw - Beechavenue 54-60, Schiphol-Rijk, NL-1119 PW, Phone +31 20 658 6137
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SEEBURGER knowledge base

Learn more about the role of integration in digital transformation and how to enable secure and trusted data exchanges for people, processes and applications — in any cloud, a hybrid environment or on-premises.

Here you will find content for the BIS Platform that includes application examples, blog articles and on-demand webcasts.

Develop your knowledge and skills on hybrid integration environments

Benefits of the SEEBURGER Academy

  • Independent study
    Troubleshoot and solve daily integration platform challenges and learn how to deliver all sorts of changes on your own. Deploy and operate the SEEBURGER BIS Platform yourself on-premises, in a hybrid environment or in any cloud, depending on the deployment model that best meets your requirements.
  • Apply your newly acquired knowledge to a hybrid integration platform
    With in-depth knowledge of the SEEBURGER BIS Platform, you can design and implement the next steps of your digital transformation. Leverage synergies between our API, EAI, B2B/ EDI, MFT, E-Invoicing, IIoT and Automation capabilities.
  • Faster implementation of new requirements
    Gain the skills you need to implement the digital transformation of your company yourself — quickly and easily.
  • Lower expenses and lower costs
    Develop expert-level integration knowledge to apply to IT projects, including migration projects and learn new integration skills – all in one place.