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BIS 6 Communication OFTP
Workshop S-6417

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Usage of the OFTP2 Communication Protocol in the real world

The ODETTE File Transfer Protocol 2 (short: OFTP2) is the enhanced version of OFTP1 and is used for the exchange of EDI messages. It is based on the TCP/IP protocol and is mainly used in the automotive industry.



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BIS 6 Communication OFTP

  Workshop S-6417
  1 day
  €840 per person
  S-6000 or comparable skills required

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Overview of OFTP2 (SSID, SFID, EERP, synchronous vs. asynchronous communication)
Comparison between http/s, AS2 and OFTP2
Installation options
Security mechanisms
  • Session encryption (TLS)
  • Message encryption
  • News signature
Based on typical OFTP2 cases, you will practice the different configuration options, e.g., for encryption and certificates.