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Digitalization in the Energy Industry

Business integration for B2B interfaces, market communication in the cloud, trading and sustainability

Are you AS4-ready?

Flexible architecture solutions for automated processes and regulatory-compliant message handling

Digital transformation and a changing regulatory landscape in the energy market require efficient and flexible software solutions, as well as reliable support to realize forward-looking IT projects. Due especially to changes in communication protocols, but also to changes in ERP, billing and market communication services, utilities providers need flexible architecture solutions. Interfaces, web services, API and data integration are terms used almost daily in the energy industry, where efficient market communication and integration between all the players is critical. As process digitalization advances and market communication in the energy industry is automated, not to mention more stringent requirements for cryptography and the use of the Smart Meter PKI in market communication, the energy industry cannot do without modern interfaces and protocols.

The SEEBURGER BIS Platform empowers any type of user to implement, manage and support new digitalization requirements in the energy industry.

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  • Westnetz und MITNETZ STROM Logo
    Redispatch 2.0: High-Quality Congestion Management Requires High-Performance Data Exchange

    It was clear that when searching for a suitable integration partner, this would need to be someone who could implement complex, completely new data exchange processes under high time pressure, and be able to react agilely to sudden changes in specifications. The search was therefore on for company with a tried and tested solution, experienced employees, and enough experience in market communication in the power industry to understand they’d need to make a large number of interfaces available to all systems in a very short time frame.

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  • E-Werk Mittelbaden Logo
    Energy Transition is Our Work

    The corporate structure of E-Werk Mittelbaden is divided into several divisions, resulting in a dynamically growing software landscape that includes two ERP systems. This means one EDI communication stream must be served with two ERP systems, which requires complex distribution rules. Therefore, E-Werk Mittelbaden sought an ERP-independent and central integration solution that can distribute the EDI data stream flexibly and dynamically. But that’s not all the company was looking for.

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  • enyway Logo
    enyway Enables Regional Electricity Producers to Easily Report to ACER

    enyway is revolutionizing the energy market by enabling the end consumer to buy electricity directly from the regional producer. A challenge to this approach is that small, regional producers must report their transactions to the Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER), the governing body for energy companies in the EU. This reporting can be cost-intensive and complex for small partners. enyway decided to help regional producers by making it easier for them to report, or by taking the task off their hands completely. This support is provided by SEEBURGER RRM+ Service.

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  • EnBW Logo
    Market Communication Made Easy

    As of 31. January 2018 AS4 became the standard communications protocol for the exchange of messages between natural gas transmission network operators across Europe. A unified standard is a huge step towards a single European energy market, but comes with a price. While being good, massive changes like those for market communication (MaCo) are quite common in the utilities industry. Regulatory changes often involve software changes and result in considerable implementation project costs. These projects are a special challenge in times of cost saving pressures and limited in-house capacities.

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  • swa – Stadtwerke Augsburg Logo
    Lower Efforts and Ease of Use for Stadtwerke Augsburg

    The SEEBURGER MaKo (‘Market Communication’) Cloud Service was developed specifically for the German energy market and takes care of the exchange of all messages between market partners. With MaKo 2020, the latest adaptation of electronic market communication in the electricity sector addresses the requirements of the Metering Point Operation Act which came into force on 1 December 2019.

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Our sustainability advantage

Benefit from our in-depth knowledge and experience in the global energy industry. Integrate e-invoicing and other business services with SAP and other ERP systems. We provide ready-to-use packaged integration processes and connectors to support a sustainable switch to digital processes.

Benefits for your company

Ensure compliance with all messaging standards, protocols, communication services and interfaces used in the German and global markets.

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