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Integration for SAP Global Trade Services (GTS)

Secure exchange of data with customs authorities

Supporting the customs processes relevant for SAP GTS

The B2B and EDI Service for SAP GTS provides fast and secure transfer of high-quality data with customs authorities of all countries covered by SAP GTS. The service supports export, import, transit and EMCS (Excise Movement Control System) customs processes. Your reports are received from your SAP GTS and translated into the national customs authority’s required exchange format. Afterwards, the reports are delivered to the national customs authorities. Acknowledgements, such as export accompanying documents, are transferred to your SAP GTS. We provide a monitoring function so your personnel can maintain an overview.

Our SEEBURGER GTS Team is trained for SAP GTS customs communications and provides the following services:

System Operation & Maintenance
Secure operations, real-time monitoring and maintenance of the required EDI infrastructure for customs communications.

Connection to customs authorities
SEEBURGER centrally maintains the connection to customs authorities. The SEEBURGER GTS Team proactively makes regular modifications initiated by the customs authorities and informs companies about upcoming changes. The changes are made by SEEBURGER in consultation with you.

24/7 Support
Upon request, we provide 24/7 support for you.

Business Benefits


No additional investments in infrastructure, software, know-how or staff needed.


High performance and comprehensive protection from system downtimes provide a fast and secure data exchange with customs authorities. Disaster recovery is bookable in a backup data center.


The B2B and EDI Service for SAP GTS supports you with the processing of exports and imports and creates a proactive customs management for the company. We help you exploit the potential for optimization by informing you about possible restrictions.


Benefit from the long-standing partnership between SAP and SEEBURGER, who have been working together on solutions for customs communications since 2004. More than 100 SAP GTS customers already rely on this service. 

To sign up for this service, register in the SEEBURGER Customer Portal.

For specific technical details (datasheets, certificates, connection parameters and more) about SEEBURGER Cloud Integration Services, visit the Connect the Cloud site.

SEEBURGER is an SAP silver partner with extensive SAP expertise.