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Discover the Deployment and Service Models

One cloud-based integration platform — run by you or managed by us

The BIS Platform supports secure, rapid scalability and industry data standards with dynamic, anywhere deployment options. Deploy the BIS Platform as an iPaaS or with fully managed services in any cloud, in a hybrid environment or on-premises.

Secure and agile deployment models — 

Any cloud

Run your BIS Platform in any public cloud, such as AWS, GCP or MS Azure, or in the SEEBURGER Cloud. Reduce operational costs and drive efficiency with reliable business IT services. Bring your business into the data-driven world by making sure your data is where it needs to be, instantly and securely. SEEBURGER supports you according to your needs and requirements.



Deploy your BIS Platform in a hybrid setup, which is a mixed computing environment where applications are run using a combination of computing, storage and services in different environments — the SEEBURGER Cloud, public clouds and private clouds, including on-premises data centers.


Deploy your BIS Platform in your data center, with your hardware, your team and your way or in your choice of private or public cloud, supported according to your needs and requirements.

Secure connections. Process automation. Agile innovation. Discover the integration possibilities with SEEBURGER.

Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS)

Choose iPaaS if you want to operate the integration platform in the cloud while your team handles all the integration tasks, such as developing mappings, configurations and business processes. We take care of securing the highly-available platform operations. With iPaaS, you can transparently connect data, applications, processes and systems and achieve the key benefits of modern and efficient cloud integration — seamlessly networked, reliable business and IT processes.

Fully Managed Services

We take care of all the integration tasks that are necessary for securing the highly-available platform operations. Whether you need data center operations, database maintenance, security updates or the connection of new partners, we offer fully managed services with clearly defined performance promises (SLAs).

Use all imaginable data formats and communication protocols without worrying about implementation, and concentrate 100% on your customers and suppliers — leave the integrations completely to us. We offer a transparent and customer-friendly pricing model. In addition to consumption-based billing, you can flexibly add service components, including technical components and accompanying services.