Gartner Magic Quadrant for Full Life Cycle API Management

Gartner Magic Quadrant 2019 for
Full Life Cycle API Management

SEEBURGER Recognized for its "Ability to Execute“.

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SEEBURGER BIS – Your Comprehensive Platform for Digital Transformation

SEEBURGER is the only platform you need for all types of integration scenarios:
MFT, API/EAI, B2B/EDI, IoT/Ind.4.0, E-Invoicing and ERP/SAP-Integration.

100% German-engineered from the ground up using a single source code base.
Like the over 10,000 customers worldwide that rely on SEEBURGER, future-proof YOUR integration platform.

API Lifecycle Management – Take Control of Your Real-Time Integration

API Lifecycle Management – Take Control of Your Real-Time Integration

API Integration and API Management

Open your company's systems to the outside world in a secure way and welcome new digital business – in real-time!

Real-Time Integration: Take on the challenges of Digital Transformation!

Managed File Transfer: An End-to-End, Secure, and Monitored Solution

Managed File Transfer: An End-to-End, Secure, and Monitored Solution

Is it time to get rid of unsecure e-mail to transfer sensitive data?

Make the switch to a fully-integrated solution that's not only completely secure, but as simple as pressing a single button in your existing e-mail client. And, the SEEBURGER MFT Solution is built in to the same platform as all of the other Business Integration Suite Solution.

SEEBURGER: The Engine to Drive Your Digital Transformation

Digital Change forces companies to constantly design and implement new digital business models. Seamless integration and collaboration of all stakeholders, processes, and data are keys to a healthy digital ecosystem. SEEBURGER is:


We provide the platform that supports innovation of new business processes and models, while lowering the cost to support legacy environments.


Our Cloud Services provide you the agility and speed needed to react precisely to new challenges of digital tranformation.


Our pre-configured industry-specific solutions are the answer when your management team needs flexibility and reduced time-to-market.

The New Major Release BIS 6.7

Customers using BIS 6.7 benefit from agile and scalable integration solutions for the digital shift and a variety of operating models.

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SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite

SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite (BIS)

Your Central Platform for Digital Transformation

Ensure the secure, continuous flow of information across your business networks, with SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite (BIS). BIS allows you to access all your data anywhere in real-time, enabling maximum process efficiency and control, on-premise or in the cloud. The core platform includes:

  • Managed File Transfer (MFT)
    Secure transmission of data between systems and/or people
    Connect applications and cloud services in real time
  • B2B/EDI
    Industry-standard and controlled exchange of documents
  • IoT/Industry 4.0
    Integrate equipment, systems and devices into business processes
  • E-Invoicing
    Predefined country-specific regulations and compliance, reporting and more
    Connection to any ERP system seamlessly, agile SAP Integration

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Interview at EBAday 2019

EBA Day Finextra Interview

SEEBURGER SVP Business Development, Ulf Persson, discusses how SEEBURGER can help you create a digital payments infrastructure.

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Integration – Key to Digital Success

SEEBURGER Newsletter: Integration – Key to Digital Success

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The All-in-One Solution for E-Invoicing Formats Worldwide

One of the latest trends in digital transformation is E-Invoicing

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Introducing SEEBURGER’s Business Integration Suite. A single platform to support all your integration requirements.

1 Source, 1 Platform, 1 Company
Moving your Business into the Cloud

Moving your Business into the Cloud the Right Way

To be in the Cloud or not to be in the Cloud? These questions are increasingly being asked by IT and Business Leaders.

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Omni Channel

Omni Channel - Powering Your Digital Business Connections

How Wingtip and Converse teams drive successful Retail Omnichannel Transformation

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Hybrid Integration Platform

The Value of a Hybrid Integration Platform

With SEEBURGER you can deploy the solutions in the model that makes sense for your business: Cloud, On Premise, or Hybrid

Let's dive deeper
API-led approach to integration

Promoting an API-led approach to integration

Ovum On the Radar Report: SEEBURGER unified middleware platform offers simplified hybrid integration

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SEEBURGER Cloud Services

Flexible, fast and innovative

The SEEBURGER Cloud is our approach to connecting your organization with your business partners in a fast and easy way. Lower your investment costs by moving all or part of your Digital Transformation requirements into the cloud.

SEEBURGER Cloud Services are completely based on the SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite.

Benefit from our comprehensive full-service Cloud and avoid the high costs and manhours to operate on premises. With SEEBURGER Cloud Services you can purchase only what you need and adjust to your individual requirements as you go.

  • Integration Services
    Rapidly use any type of integration requirement as a cloud service
  • Digital Ecosystem
    Benefit from the multitude of existing connections in the cloud
  • LoB Services
    Fully functional business process modules that can be used immediately

Ready to Run: Business Integration for All Industries

Our preconfigured industry-specific solutions ensure a fast realization of your digital transformation initiatives

Industrial Machinery & Plant Engineering

Healthcare & Pharma

High Tech & Electronics


Start Your Digital Transformation Now

Digital Change is forcing companies to constantly design and implement new digital business models – and we can guide you!

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Over 10,000 satisfied customers worldwide trust in SEEBURGER Solutions and Cloud Services

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