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We Are #Businessaccelerators
Our Culture Is Our Superpower.
See What's Driving Us.

Our Purpose – the reason we give our best every day

Accelerating business to improve the lives of people

In a data-driven world, progress relies on seamless information flow. Factories produce, supermarkets stock, and transactions occur, all propelled by data and documents. The global economy hinges on this uninterrupted flow.

This is where SEEBURGER excels. Our integration platform is the backbone, effortlessly connecting IT systems. It ensures data arrives precisely where and when it's needed. We are the architects of this efficient symphony, harmonizing the world of business for a more connected future.

The driving force behind all global #Businessaccelerators

Our purpose signifies a commitment to not only achieving commercial success but also recognizing the positive impact that thriving businesses can have on the broader community, including creating job opportunities, driving economic development, and further more leading to the development of products or services that improve people's lives directly.

Our Vision – where we are heading

Provide the best integration services in the world

We aim to impress our customers with seamlessly orchestrated information flow within their organizations. Our goal is to establish ourselves as your go-to, trusted partner for all your digital integration requirements.

Our Values – what we stand for

These are the values we live by – every day

Our company values are the foundation of our identity, shaping every facet of our operations. They represent our shared beliefs, ethics, and ambitions, providing a clear roadmap for decision-making and conduct. By upholding these values, we foster a culture of unity, purpose, and trust among our team members. This collective commitment not only defines our reputation but also attracts individuals who resonate with our core principles, ensuring a harmonious and forward-moving work environment. Together, these values are the foundation upon which we build our success and make a positive impact on the world.

We are open to new ideas, create room for change and strive for continuous improvement.

  • We work together to create a space which supports innovation.
  • We accept mistakes and setbacks to learn from them.
  • We carry on with good ideas, even if things get complicated at times.
SEEBURGER Corporate Values

We meet other people with respect, openness, attention and friendliness.

  • We give each other recognition.
  • We communicate and celebrate success and good results.
  • We provide honest, constructive feedback.
SEEBURGER Corporate Values

We count on the reliability, competency and good intentions of all of us.

  • We make room for people to work independently.
  • We empower employees by delegating tasks, responsibilities and decisions.
  • We take ownership for our actions and decisions.
SEEBURGER Corporate Values

We align personal and ecological needs with actions for our long-term success.

  • We think, act and collaborate in the interest of the company and the environment.
  • We maintain relationships and aim for durable engagements with clients.
  • We encourage and support passion and joy for work.
SEEBURGER Corporate Values

We pull together and collaborate to achieve greatness.

  • We support each other to thrive and learn.
  • We include people independent of their culture and personal backgrounds.
  • We collaborate to master tasks.
SEEBURGER Corporate Values
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