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Who are we?

We are the #Businessaccelerators! We make sure that the right data is in the right place at the right time. This is how we accelerate our customers‘ business with more than 1,200 #Businessaccelerators in 15 countries.

As an employer, we value collaboration, ensuring that you feel comfortable and have the opportunity to grow both professionally and personally.

Who are we looking for?

Although we're an IT company, we offer much more than IT jobs. We have technical, creative and commercial job opportunities in development, support, marketing, sales, consulting, human resources, legal and finance.

It is important to us that your personality fits your team and that you do your job with enthusiasm and commitment.

Job openings

Consulting is one of the largest divisions at SEEBURGER, encompassing our technical customer service and implementation experts. This division provides exciting projects with diverse tasks and numerous career opportunities.


This video gives you an insight into the various teams within the consulting department. Find out what makes this group exceptional.

Watch our consulting job video

What do we offer?

A strong brand

When it comes to the digitalization of business processes, we are known worldwide: our customers trust our experience and expertise. Regardless of your job role, you will help SEEBURGER develop into an ever-growing global brand — and you can be proud of that.

Flexible working hours

Home office, mobile office and no core working hours allow you to work with greater flexibility.

Financial advantages

In addition to your salary, we support you with various bonuses and discounts.

Development opportunities

Whether it's online training through LinkedIn Learning or other internal training opportunities, our People Development team is here to assist you!

Health promotion

Health is a top priority for us. Depending on the location, this could be insurance, preventative services and other options for your personal health.


With events such as the #SeeburgerBBQ, various team events and participation in sporting events, we create special moments together and something that SEEBURGER stands for.

At SEEBURGER, we want you to feel completely at ease. What we do to achieve this varies from location to location. That's why only a selection of key benefits are shown here. Get in touch with our recruiters to find out more about the benefits applicable to your specific job role.


Our headquarters in Bretten, the SEEBURGER Campus, was newly opened in May 2022. Here, you'll find a coffee bar (with a barista), cafeteria, food corner, complimentary beverages in fully-equipped kitchens, state-of-the-art meeting rooms, relaxation areas, a gaming room and more!

Education and College

Are you studying, looking for an apprenticeship position or interested in a career change? Click here for all entry-level opportunities and join the IT professionals of tomorrow at SEEBURGER.

To the SEEBURGER Talent Factory

What do our #Businessaccelerators say?

  • Christian F.

    "I am fortunate to work in the best team in the world! We have an outstanding work atmosphere here and also enjoy meeting up for soccer or motorcycle rides after work."

    Christian (IT Desktop Service)

  • Chris G.

    "In no other company have I ever been offered such flexibility."

    Chris (Marketing – Team Graphic)

  • Daniel S.

    "I love taking responsibility for my work and being able to make my own decisions. It gives me the freedom to try out my own ideas and truly make a difference."

    Daniel (SME Sales)

  • Katharina B.

    "The best part of my job? The people I get to work with."

    Katharina (Technical Writing)

  • Raffaele C.

    "I work on innovative solutions with customers from different industries and countries. You experience a lot, get to know interesting people and also develop professionally."

    Raffaele (Consulting CPG/Retail)

  • Zeeshan M.

    "Our team is a blend of individuals from different nationalities, which makes it unique. I consider myself fortunate to be a part of this team."

    Zeeshan (Research & Development)

  • Johanna K.

    "We maintain a pleasant atmosphere, which is further enhanced by the culture of using 'du' (informal 'you') that is embraced at SEEBURGER."

    Johanna (Order Management)

  • Katharina K.

    "The IT industry was an entirely new world for me. My team quickly integrated me into the daily work routine, and the still familiar atmosphere made my transition easier."

    Katharina (Cloud Services)

  • Sven S.

    "I just like getting up in the morning because I enjoy working at SEEBURGER and I have found the job that suits me."

    Sven (IT Infrastructur)

  • Stefanie A.

    "In the team, we all have our own areas of expertise and know exactly where each other's strengths lie. So we can give each other the best possible support."

    Stefanie (Marketing – Team Technology)

  • Daniel N.

    "I especially appreciate the working atmosphere between colleagues and the flexibility to adapt my working day to my needs."

    Daniel (Mapping Management)

  • Sandrine W.

    "Our corporate culture is not something that was simply put into writing, but rather something that has been co-created and lived by our team."

    Sandrine (Marketing – Team Editorial)

1,200 colleagues
at 25 locations

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Our Corporate Culture

How did SEEBURGER become what it is today? It‘s all thanks to the dedication and teamwork of our employees.

Learn more about our vision and the values we uphold.

Corporate Culture at SEEBURGER

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