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Digitalization in the Retail Industry

Ensure product availability and product visibility with omnichannel integration to deliver what matters most to your retail customers

Harmonize your retail connections

Personalized customer experiences and a seamless retail journey through real-time data exchange across your digital ecosystem

More than ever, customers are demanding a seamless experience that connects the retail journey with personalized products, correct product pricing and product availability across all channels — from online ordering through mobile apps and websites to in-store shopping. New retail customers also want multiple fulfillment options, such as click and collect, “buy online, pick up in-store” (BOPIS) or same-day delivery. These are the key factors that matter most to retail shoppers and retailer revenues.

Are your retail value chain links, such as replenishment, ordering and fulfillment, seamlessly connected to give your customers what matters most? Or do these links still include manual steps with friction points that slow down the movement of data? To keep your competitive edge in the digital retail world, you need omnichannel integration.

Omnichannel integration is mission-critical for eliminating friction points and gaps in your retail value chain and for harmonizing all channels with your customers’ expectations through real-time data exchange across your digital ecosystem of suppliers and partners.

The SEEBURGER BIS Platform integrates all your retail value chain business processes with one single platform and multiple e-commerce integration capabilities.

More than 14,000 satisfied customers

  • Lyreco Logo
    Migration to the SEEBURGER Cloud Enabling Digital Transformation Saves a Lyreco Subsidiary 50% in Costs

    In 2021, Lyreco acquired overall operations and services of a workplace solutions company in Central and Nordic Europe. The acquisition enabled nearly 1,600 employees to join the Lyreco team.

    To meet changing retail and high volume e-commerce demands, the acquired business (“the company”) has digitally transformed their operations by strategically migrating their business to business (B2B) and application to application (A2A) processes to the SEEBURGER Cloud.

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  • Oase LIVING WATER Logo
    OASE uses SEEBURGER for B2Tax VAT Reporting

    As of 1st of July 2018, real-time VAT reporting to the tax authorities NAV became mandatory in Hungary. This date was a very important and time-critical goal for OASE GmbH and its Hungarian subsidiary. A suitable e-invoicing solution should also avoid fines of up to the equivalent of around €1,600 per invoice for late notifications.

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  • Würth Logo
    Würth relies on SEEBURGER for global E-Invoicing strategy

    Many large companies in Spain and Hungary are now legally obliged to submit tax information to the tax authorities without delay. The Spanish tax authority (AEAT) requires the almost immediate transmission of information from sales tax pre-declarations within often only four days to the new system SII (Immediate Information Sharing System). In Hungary, real-time VAT reporting to the Hungarian tax authorities (NAV) is required by law. The intention of both countries is to increase tax revenues by reducing tax fraud.

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  • ARTDECO Logo
    Global success through innovative branding concepts and customized sales strategies

    ARTDECO achieved global success early by continually expanding its sales channels, product range and international presence. SEEBURGER has been supporting ARTDECO’s digitization initiatives for years as a proven business partners.

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Create seamless shopping experiences

Leverage SEEBURGER’s proven expertise with connecting and integrating the retail value chain. Reach customers over all retail channels, ensure that product is always in stock, personalize the customer experience, automate P2P processes and get real-time supply chain visibility. It’s all possible with omnichannel integration capabilities powered by the cloud-based SEEBURGER BIS Platform.

Benefits for your company

Automated data flows for more transparency and control to enable first-class shopping experiences for your customers.

Easy Connectivity, Data Exchange and Integration Solution Replacement With the SEEBURGER Migration Suite
All Industries, API, B2B/EDI, BIS Platform, Cloud Services, Managed File Transfer
Easy Connectivity, Data Exchange and Integration Solution Replacement With the SEEBURGER Migration Suite
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All Industries, BIS Platform
SEEBURGER | Sustainability Report 2023
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