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AI Assistance

The SEEBURGER BIS Platform leverages the power of AI to boost the productivity of BIS users. Enhance the efficiency of your integration team using AI-generated explanations and suggestions to successfully accomplish integration tasks faster and with trust.

Help your team work smarter, not harder

AI assistance for the BIS Platform helps users execute faster on business requirements, solves the shortage of advanced experts and allows team members to work with confidence.

Turbocharge user productivity by up to 60%

Automate repetitive tasks and focus your expertise on complex challenges. Leverage AI as a powerful assistant to elevate your skills and tackle intricate problems.

Take your team to the next level

Empower every team member to achieve success faster and complete tasks more confidently and accurately.

Use AI in a governed and cost-effective way

Maintain full control over AI outputs.

Seamless connectivity for 

For all levels of user expertise

Use AI assistance to explain, suggest and create integration assets: Do more with less and empower your entire team, from advanced users to starters.

Consistent and trusted results

The SEEBURGER BIS Platform executes AI-generated results ensuring cost-efficiency, speed, confidence and trust in recurring integration flows.

Governed AI usage

SEEBURGER ensures the AI doesn’t make autonomous decisions. You can accept or reject any suggestions. This transparency ensures alignment with internal policies for AI usage.

SEEBURGER Academy Training:
AI-Assisted BIS Mapping Designer

Want to delve deeper into the practical application of the AI-Assisted BIS Mapping Designer?  Book our 2-hour online course!

The BIS Mapping Designer allows you to integrate powerful AI services, creating a unified user experience that supercharges your productivity. Let AI assist your team and mapping design.

 AI-Assisted BIS Mapping Designer Training