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BIS Mapping Designer

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AI-Assisted BIS Mapping Designer

Accelerate your journey to success

BIS Mapping Designer allows you to integrate powerful AI services, creating a unified user experience that supercharges your productivity. This powerful combination can boost your efficiency by up to 60% on average, no matter your level of experience. Ready to unlock this powerful new capability? Here’s how!


In this 2-hour online course, we’ll walk you through:

  • Most important use cases
  • The art of efficient prompting
  • How to snip the OpenAI service into BIS Mapping Designer
  • How to obtain the OpenAI license
  • Q & A

We highly advise ensuring you possess your own BIS Mapping Designer, preferably version 6.7.154 or higher, along with your personal license from OpenAI before proceeding with the direct implementation of the training examples showcased.

AI-Assisted BIS Mapping Designer (Eclipse Plug-in)

  Training S-6429
  2 hours
  €280 per person
  Basic knowledge using BIS Mapping Designer required

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Why use AI assistance?

Need help with integration tasks? Leverage the power of AI services for OpenAI that can be integrated with BIS Mapping Designer, including:

Code and mapping support

Get suggestions for code, transferring code from XSLT to BIS mapping language, or regular expressions. Optimize existing code, comment it automatically or rewrite it for improved performance.

Understanding file content and mapping code

Get explanations for file content or mapping code in any language.

Sample file generation

Generate sample files with or without schemas to test your mappings.

Deepen integration knowledge

Improve your understanding of topics related to the specific integration task you're working on.

Who should join this course?


This course is for you! Before seeking help from experienced colleagues with basic questions or explanations, utilize this AI assistance to gain a better understanding of your mapping tasks. Achieve results quickly, independently and confidently! 

Advanced users

This is a valuable course for you, because advanced users can benefit the most from integrating an AI service. Your expertise and experience give you the know-how for what you want to achieve and get assistance on how to do it. For those ‘hard nuts to crack,’ AI assistance can help you with the toughest integration challenges. Plus, AI assistance boosts efficiency by handling time-consuming tasks like commenting code or deciphering complex, uncommented code written by others. Since integration is a domain of constant innovations and new technologies, this course will help you speed up your learning curve when encountering new integration tasks.

AI-Assisted BIS Mapping Designer

The SEEBURGER BIS Platform leverages the power of generative AI to boost the productivity of BIS users.

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Acquire mapping proficiency through hands-on practical exercises that cover essential skills required for taking full advantage of the AI-Assisted BIS Mapping Designer.