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Digitalization in the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) Industry

Connect your suppliers. Synchronize in real time. Personalize your products and strengthen your customer relationships.

One cloud-based platform for an effective multichannel sales strategy

Online commerce plays an ever more important role in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry. At the heart of this are e-commerce platforms, which ensure fast, transparent and secure data exchange by seamlessly connecting systems, devices and apps in real time via connectors and APIs.

The digital transformation of the supply chains in this fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry also enables automation, IIoT device connectivity and data analytics.

The SEEBURGER BIS Platform offers API, EAI/A2A, B2B/EDI, E-Invoicing, IIoT, Automation and MFT capabilities, tools and services to support digital transformation in the CPG/FMCG industry with anywhere deployment — in any cloud, on-premises or a hybrid environment.

More than 14,000 satisfied customers

  • PUMA Logo
    Streamlined Distribution Processing: Automation of B2B Communication with SAP S/4HANA

    PUMA seasonal sports and lifestyle collections are distributed via wholesalers and international e-commerce platforms that are based on customer-specific catalogues with very different types of data. This data ranges from master data for local offline stores, to multilingual attributes for global online shops, to explicit e-commerce content such as textile and washing specifications according to EU regulations.
    In the past, heterogeneous ERP and EDI systems impeded fast and seamless sales processes. Onboarding new customers was slow and painstaking. PUMA’s main challenge was preparing and transmitting catalogue data tailored specifically to each online sales partner and the PUMA field sales team.

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  • Henkel Logo
    Henkel and SEEBURGER Continue Successful Global Cooperation in Latin America

    To meet the global requirements of their digitization strategy, Henkel has been consolidating SAP® ERP systems and legacy EDI solutions in waves for several years as part of the company’s Horizon project – a global initiative that works with local and regional initiatives to drive efficiencies and standardization. As part of this initiative, SEEBURGER established connectivity between Henkel’s global SAP system and more than 1,000 customers, logistics warehouses and service providers in various regions of the world with SEEBURGER B2B/EDI Cloud Services.

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  • Vaillant Group Belgium Logo
    SEEBURGER Cloud Integration Accelerates B2B Processing for Vaillant Group Belgium

    Vaillant Group is a global market and technology leader in heating, ventilation and air-conditioning. Vaillant Group Belgium has two different brands, Vaillant and Bulex and they needed to modernize and automate its order process. The process was mainly manual which made it time-consuming and error-prone. Vaillant Group Belgium investigated how to improve and it was clear that EDI was the best way forward. They wanted to implement an EDI platform to handle its entire order process.

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  • Samsonite
    Samsonite Europe Gets B2B Boost with SEEBURGER’s iPaaS Solution

    Subsidiary Samsonite Europe has production plants in Belgium and Hungary to serve its customers. Samsonite Europe communicates with its large retail customers via B2B/EDI, for which it has been using SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite (BIS) for years. The solution the team was using was outdated and needed an upgrade. Recent security protocols and new connection protocols were not available, and it was difficult to find resources with relevant knowledge of the solution. Rather than continue with any possible business risk, Samsonite decided to upgrade its B2B/EDI solution.

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  • Arçelik Logo
    Strategic importance of Supply chain in profitability, growth and path to realize Arçelik’s vision

    To meet global customer needs, Arçelik has purchasing offices in 8 countries and a dynamic purchasing organization structure for material supply from 2,000 direct sources in 55 countries. On the distribution side, end customers have an omnichannel experience with numerous retailers offering Arçelik products and services in more than 145 countries.

    To fulfill Arçelik‘s vision of rejuvenating themselves and their industry to become a trusted lifestyle solutions provider to the digital household, the company is modernizing and consolidating its brand-specific IT architecture to pave the way

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Proven e-commerce experience

More than 14,000 customers rely on SEEBURGER for digitalization, including many companies in the CPG industry. We excel at seamless webshop integration with ERP systems as part of an effective multichannel sales strategy. Digitalize, integrate and automate your e-commerce, supply chain and manufacturing processes with one cloud-based platform, the SEEBURGER BIS Platform.

Benefits for your company

More flexibility for your retail strategy, increased efficiency and transparency throughout the entire supply chain for improved customer satisfaction and experience.

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