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Cloud Integration Services for the Utilities Industry

Cloud services that support you in meeting the energy market's regulatory requirements

Services for fast and simple communication between all participants in the energy market

The SEEBURGER Cloud Integration Services for the utilities industry are ready-to-use and easy to implement services that run in the SEEBURGER Cloud and can be purchased individually. Reliable service levels and expert support guarantee streamlined communication with your business partners. Available services are:

To sign up for a specific utilities service, register in the SEEBURGER Customer Portal. For specific technical details (datasheets, certificates, connection parameters and more) about SEEBURGER Cloud Integration Services, visit the Connect the Cloud site.

Utilities: MaKo Cloud Service

The MaKo Cloud Service manages the delivery and receipt of all messages within your market communications in the German utilities market and offers the following standard features:

  • Exchange of messages with your ERP system via a standardized ERP format (e.g. SAP IDEX IDoc)
  • Conversion of messages between ERP formats and market-specific exchange formats (industry standard)
  • Exchange (delivery/receipt) of messages with your market partners
  • Checking of messages for conformity and creating the required confirmations (CONTRL and APERAK AHB)
  • Provision of a technical monitoring view with a clearing function for your experts
  • Connection and configuration of partners via an integrated market partner management tool

The SEEBURGER team is specifically trained in the MaKo Cloud Service and provides the following services and support:

Change management

Implementation of all updates and adjustments to mappings and processes, which are required due to regular format and legal changes. The SEEBURGER team plans these adjustments proactively and informs you about the changes in a timely manner.

Certificate handling
Monitoring of the validity of certificates and timely notification before they expire. New certificates provided by your partners according to the transmission rules are automatically saved.

Bulk onboarding
Support with bulk onboarding and migration of new partners with campaign-based tools.

System operation & maintenance

Technical operation, real-time monitoring and maintenance of the required EDI infrastructure.

Business Benefits

Compliant and secure market communication

Due to the included adjustments to the regular changes in law and the operation of the service in an ISO/IEC 27001-certified German data center, you can communicate securely and in compliance at all times.

Better scaling for bulk changes

Thanks to the tool support, you can roll out changes (certificates, new transmission protocols, partner onboarding) to many partners in parallel and monitor them centrally. This reduces your personnel expenses and time pressures when implementing legal changes or migrations.

Reduced dependency on specialists

Become less dependent on in-house specialists. For example, your internal IT will no longer need to open firewall ports to connect new market partners, and your staff will no longer need to be trained in special transmission protocols such as AS4.

Transparent costs at reduced effort

Calculate market communication costs better and significantly reduce your own operating expenses, while focusing resources on the core business and new business areas.

Utilities: Registered Reporting Mechanism (RRM) + Service

The SEEBURGER RRM+ Service is one of the mechanisms registered with ACER and is represented in the ACER-RRM-List as follows:

ACER Code / ID of RRM: B0000112P.DE
Delegated Party Name: SEEBURGER AG


Our RRM+ Service offers you several technical options to transfer transaction information to the energy regulator ACER.

Business Benefits

Simple registration via the SEEBURGER Cloud
English-speaking support team
A maximum degree of failure safety thanks to the use of ISO 27001-certified data processing centers in Germany
Full control of all costs thanks to our pay-per-use model
Flexible period of use thanks to three-months’ notice
Integrated syntax check as a quality gate
Monitoring und recording of the data transfer
Support of alternative technical integration options
Option to delegate the reporting process
Option to report third party business
Option to be provided with a branding based on your corporate identity

SEEBURGER offers all interested companies operating in the energy industry the option to use the SEEBURGER RRM+ Service. Sign up for the SEEBURGER Cloud and link your business quickly and easily to the SEEBURGER RRM+ Service.

Utilities: Confirmation Matching Service

The SEEBURGER Confirmation Matching Service (CM Service) makes it possible for any organization to simplify and speed the contract review process.

SEEBURGER has the ability to compare the parameters of two trading partners for a common trade in the standard format, ACER XML, which contains all relevant fields for comparison. Partners can import their business data into the CM Service in any format.

The CM Service receives and sorts the data, converts it to ACER-XML format and compares the relevant party data. A comparison of the Unique Transaction Identifier (UTI) is also completed, which improves matching accuracy and enables preselection. If the data match, both trading partners of the transaction receive confirmation in the CM Service and the transaction is marked with a green checkmark. If the files are different, both trading partners receive a negative response with the location of the discrepancy, and the transaction is marked with a red cross. This fully automated document comparison process is completed in a fraction of the time it takes without automation.

Business Benefits

Compliant with EFET standard for electronic confirmation matching
Extension by UTI Matching
Lower costs for fully automatic confirmation matching
Reduction of process costs for manual sending and receiving → "mail link"
Risk minimization by connecting additional market participants in the automated matching process
SEEBURGER RRM or TRS customers can use CM directly (without project effort)
All common formats are supported (REGIS-TR, ACER, CPML, CSV)
Confirmations can be created out of the existing reporting data (ACER XML)
Confirmation status is displayed in your ETRM

Utilities: European Transparency Platform

To meet regulatory requirements, SEEBURGER offer the European Transparency Platform. Publication is made in compliance with all ACER requirements for the publication of insider information at the website and via an ATOM feed.

After you log in to the SEEBURGER Cloud, a simple and convenient way to disclose your insider information is available in the secured area. You can easily enter your reports for disclosure via a web-based input form. Users are guided through the important details of the report, tool tips provide assistance and drop-down lists facilitate entry. It is also possible to automatically send insider information in XML or CSV format from a customer system. An overview of the reports you have disclosed can be viewed and edited. The data is archived for 5 years and is available for export.

Business Benefits

Compliant with the ACER standard for the disclosure of REMIT insider information
SEEBURGER RRM or TRS customers can start directly (without project effort)
You can use the European Transparency Platform as a service provider for group companies or third-party business
Cost advantages over established solutions
German Support Hotline
Validation of the entered data directly during the input
Archiving of your insider information for the last 5 years
Export of your own messages as a CSV file

Utilities: MaKo PARTIN-App for Master Data at a Glance

The SEEBURGER MaKo PARTIN-App has been designed to help you meet this new legal requirement to send and receive master data in PARTIN. Manage your communication data records centrally in the app and convert them into MaKo PARTIN. Users can view master data and communication details for all the PARTIN market participants in the app’s address book. It’s easy to integrate an in-house MaKo/EDI system for 1:1 market communication using the interface MaKo PARTIN-API.

Business Benefits

Manage your own PARTIN master data with your own BDEW Market Partner ID (MPID).
Access contact details and certificates for all other market partners in the SEEBURGER market directory.
Link your own MPID with partners from the pre-filled market directory.
Export market partner PARTIN information as Excel/CSV.
Host your own MaKo certificates and create a download link for PARTIN.
Create and send PARTIN data for market partners to the MaKo/EDI system.
Use an API to transfer data received from the MaKo/EDI system to the PARTIN-App.
Use an API to call MP-PARTIN information from the PARTIN-App, an ERP or other system (e.g. Excel or Outlook plugin).

The SEEBURGER BIS Platform client whether on-premises or in the MaKo Cloud, receive the following add-ons with the PARTIN-App:

  • Add on: Transfer received MP-PARTIN data to the PARTIN-App from the MaKo system.
  • Add on: Receive outgoing PARTIN data and transfer to MaKo dispatch.

The service includes any necessary updates to the PARTIN-App API that result from format changes.