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Transform and Enhance Your Approach to B2B/EDI

Connect and integrate EDI with your APIs, ERP systems and cloud services across your ecosystem. The SEEBURGER BIS Platform enables secure data exchange, fast partner onboarding and workflow automation for all your B2B transactions.

Automated flow of documents

From onboarding new trading partners to securing B2B documents such as purchase orders, invoices, advance shipping notes and inventory lists, a modern EDI system with support for cloud-based infrastructure is critical for supporting communication standards across many industries, including Automotive, Logistics, Machinery and Plant Engineering and Retail.

With SEEBURGER B2B/EDI capabilities, you can connect your customers and business partners, integrate with SaaS applications, move B2B/EDI workflows to the cloud and be ready for tomorrow’s challenges today.

Latest technology

for system-critical B2B integration: horizontal and vertical scalability, cloud-optimized. 

Highest level of standardization

of all industry-relevant formats and processes.

Maximum reliability

thanks to the highest system availability and process transparency via role-based monitoring.

Seamless connectivity between 

Efficient partner onboarding 

Reduce time and effort with prebuilt integration content, processes, templates and connectors, and 20,000 data mappings for industries such as Automotive, CPG, Retail, Machinery and Plant Engineering, Logistics, Utilities and FSI.

Transparent line of business support

Create transparency for your departments by providing easy access to digital document flows with your internal and external partners. Intelligent wizards enable each line of business to adapt data exchange processes to their needs.

EDI and APIs

Combine EDI and API capabilities in a single cloud-based integration platform, the SEEBURGER BIS Platform, for secure B2B communication and flexible data exchange in real time.

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