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Enable and Manage Fast, Reliable and Secure File Transfers

Transfer structured and unstructured data anywhere, in any size, in any format, with the speed and security your business requires.

Secure data transfer

Data is the new currency and must be transported securely. The SEEBURGER BIS Platform enables Managed File Transfer (MFT) capabilities for fast, reliable and secure data exchanges and digital communications. It includes built-in centralized monitoring, community management, self-services for onboarding with automated workflows and a central repository of reusable connectors.

SEEBURGER Connectors

Share valuable data of any volume

between companies, people and applications with fully automated and ad hoc managed file transfers.

Track the progress of your file transfers

and proactively resolve issues with advanced monitoring, alerting and reporting features.

Integrate MFT with multiple legacy systems,

workflows and applications in the cloud, on-premises or in a hybrid environment. Includes out-of-the-box cloud connectors and can be deployed from your choice of cloud, including AWS, Azure or GCP.

Seamless connectivity between 

Governance and compliance

Enforce and ensure compliance with your corporate policies and external regulations for data security and data transfers. Gain visibility and auditability with real-time end-to-end monitoring, audit trails and secure authentication methods.


Create more agility in your ecosystem by providing self-services for business departments and external partners to set up data transfers on their own.

Set central policies for access rights and data protection that control this process.


Make all data transfer paths secure. Protect sensitive company data and personal information during transfers. 

Use the highest security standards without having to deal with complex security settings. 

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