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SEEBURGER Integration Marketplace

Explore our catalogue of connectors, mappings and partner connections

The SEEBURGER Integration Marketplace is a business integration content marketplace for customers and partners, powered by the BIS Platform. Search the marketplace to understand how you can easily connect technologies, endpoints, critical systems and applications, including ERP, CRM and more. As your digital ecosystem becomes more complex, discover the integration possibilities with SEEBURGER. With BIS, anyone can master the easiest to the most complex integrations in one platform. 

  • Ensure real-time data access and connectivity for everyone, anywhere.
  • Connect and automate your business processes across on-premises, cloud and multicloud environments.
  • Enable cost-efficient innovation with smarter and modern integration.

Explore our catalogue of SEEBURGER integration content, including connectors, mappings and ready-made processes for partner configurations.