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Cloud Integration Services for B2B/EDI

The SEEBURGER Cloud Integration Services for B2B/EDI are ready-to-use and easy to implement services that run in the SEEBURGER Cloud and can be purchased individually.

To sign up for a specific integration service, register in the SEEBURGER Customer Portal.

For specific technical details (datasheets, certificates, connection parameters and more) about SEEBURGER Cloud Integration Services, visit the Connect the Cloud site.



B2B/EDI Cloud Integration Managed Service

Fully Managed B2B/EDI Integration Services in the SEEBURGER Cloud with ready-to-use mappings, as well as a wide selection of readily available communication channels and connectors, significantly reduce time and effort compared to setting up and operating your own B2B/EDI integration platform.

Thanks to our canonical mapping strategy, we have ready-to-use mappings that convert your partners’ various EDI formats into a standardized XML-based Meta interface structure to decouple them from your ERP interfaces. Partner connections and ERP connections are managed independently of one another and easily integrated into the service. We have a large repository of close to 20,000 partner mappings and can quickly connect any partner and any message format. 

A huge range of communication channels are readily available, including connections via OFTP2, AS2, SFTP and a connection to our SEEBURGER VAN (powered by our partner DXC). Our B2B Onboarding Service offers direct connections to thousands of business partners that can be activated at any time.

B2B/EDI Communication Services

SEEBURGER B2B/EDI Communication Services are all you need for reliable, quick and easy communication with your trading partners. Simply book your cloud services and then leave it to us to connect to your B2B partners' EDI systems, manage the onboarding process, ensure delivery of all EDI messages from and to your B2B partners, and keep master data of all participating B2B partners up to date.

B2B Directory

The central directory with SEEBURGER B2B partner profiles

The B2B Directory offers a database that contains all publicly-available master data for all participating B2B partners. The B2B Directory contains up-to-date cross-industry features such as addresses and identifying features like GLN or tax IDs. For certain industries, industry-specific features are updated (e.g. field and market functions for the energy sector). In addition, you can find information about technical endpoints like AS2, AS4, OFTP and email endpoints.

The involved companies and their B2B partners take care of the data collection. SEEBURGER also matches public databases, such as BDEW, and updates the data manually.

You can use the B2B Directory easily with a web browser, search for B2B partners at any time and use their data in your own system.

Send invitations to unregistered B2B partners to join the B2B Directory. This way, you can delegate the data maintenance to your B2B partners and reduce your own effort.

B2B Onboarding Service

We offer SEEBURGER B2B Onboarding Service, a fast and easy connection of your B2B partners for streamlined communication.

Business Benefits

Manage everything yourself

Benefit from self-services. You and your partners can manage everything yourself. With monitoring options, you can track and follow all steps at all times.

Save time

Our templates for surveys and emails support the fast handling of your requests. Recurring steps in the connection process are saved and can be reused. Our service also offers full scalability, so it doesn’t matter how many partners you want to connect.

Save costs

Reduce your need for EDI experts. Your costs remain calculable thanks to the simple pricing model of our cloud.

B2B Trading Partner Service

A fully managed service that allows SEEBURGER experts to take care of your integration platform for connecting your business partners.

SEEBURGER-managed onboarding of your business partners and operational support of your integration platform. The Trading Partner Service uses specific campaigns to manage the onboarding of many business partners for you. This includes challenging rollout projects to develop new markets or migrate business partner connections to other transmission protocols such as AS2 or OFTP2.

Business Benefits

Cost efficient

Manage onboarding cost-efficiently. SEEBURGER leads the integration of your business partners and reduces your efforts.


The status reporting allows you to monitor the progress at any time and avoid escalations.

Time saving

Using integrated tools, your trading partners can practically onboard themselves.


Our SEEBURGER team of experts can be booked to assist with campaigns or offer long-term support. We will assist you regardless of your EDI experience.

B2B Routing

Deliver and monitor all EDI messages from and to your B2B partners.

The B2B Routing Service transmits all messages between you and your registered partners. The message recipient is identified by the sender and recipient information defined in the EDI message.

Business Benefits

Asynchronous delivery

Incoming messages are initially stored in the cloud.

Direct delivery

Via a direct connection, all messages are immediately forwarded to the partner. In contrast to traditional VAN providers, the recipient receives new messages immediately and doesn’t have to use polling to check for new messages.

Multiple delivery attempts

In case the recipient is temporarily not available, the B2B Routing constantly checks if the recipient can be reached. If that is the case, the B2B Routing tries again to deliver the messages.

B2B Supplier Portal Service

With our B2B Supplier Portal Service, you can deliver orders from your ERP system in a formatted view to your suppliers (1). Your suppliers log in to the WebEDI portal in order to create follow-up documents (2) and send them back to you via the SEEBURGER Cloud (3). The documents are converted into the agreed target format, so you can use the same message format with either classic EDI or WebEDI.

Business Benefits

Save time and money

Leave behind error-prone and time-intensive manual document management. The electronic processing of your orders will make the cooperation between your company and your suppliers more reliable, faster, more efficient and reduce your transaction and communication costs.

Easy to use and transparent

Your suppliers only have to register for the SEEBURGER Cloud, there will be no installation work or costs. Easy order processing based on user-friendly overviews creates a high acceptance among your suppliers. You and your suppliers can see, for example, the upcoming tasks for every order.


It doesn’t matter which industry you and your suppliers belong to – you can use the Supplier Portal Service for every industry. Choose only the processes you need and when the service gets configured. Define the information your suppliers are required to provide in the follow-up documents.

SEEBURGER is an experienced WebEDI provider

We have more than 35 years of experience as a B2B WebEDI provider and continuously expand the service, which typically includes an ERP connection and a standard connection via EDI and WebEDI on one platform.