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Send and receive data using ODETTE file transfer protocol (OFTP) V2

SEEBURGER can help you connect and transfer data securely using any interface or communication protocol, such as OFTP2, between your applications, business processes, systems, as well as trading and business partners across your entire ecosystem, both for on-premises and cloud-based endpoints.

The ODETTE File Transfer Protocol 2 (OFTP2) evolved 2007 from the earlier OFTP1 and serves for the exchange of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) messages.

Send and receive data using OFTP2 – secure, reliable, point-to-point communication via the internet, according to the security standards defined by ODETTE. OFTP2 is multifunctional and supports transmission of technical data and commercial information. It works over any IP-based network and is therefore network independent. The TCP/IP-based protocol is traceable and cost-efficient and transfers large amounts of data by file compression.

Learn more about using OFTP2, especially in the automotive industry.


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