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Workshop S-6435

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Troubleshooting for Hybrid Integration Platforms

Learn the typical work steps that enable you to recognize and analyze errors that have occurred and to quickly correct them yourself. Alternatively, you can involve SEEBURGER Support based on your preliminary analyses and provide them with the relevant log files.



The workshop will be carried out in collaboration with you, tailored to meet your specific usage needs. We will coordinate and arrange the workshop's timing and structure according to your preferences upon your request. Please note that the pricing for custom-tailored individual training sessions might vary. For training outside the Central European Time zone business hours and/or offerings priced in US$ please contact us via the contact form.

Workshop S-6435

  Workshop S-6435
  1 day
  €840 per person
  S-6000, S-6002 or comparable skills required

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Error categories with the Business Integration Server
Error diagnosis with SEEBURGER BIS Platform tools
Analysis of occurring errors and identification of solutions
Correcting analyzed errors with the BIS Platform
Tips & tricks for error prevention
Through many practical exercises, you will refine your troubleshooting. Proceed systematically when errors occur and avoid mistakes.