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Guideline Designer
Workshop S-6428

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Fundamentals of data validation for hybrid API, EAI/A2A, B2B/EDI integration with the Guideline Designer

Enhance your data validation capabilities using the SEEBURGER Guideline Designer, seamlessly integrated as a plug-in for the open-source Eclipse platform. With the Guideline Designer, you'll develop your own validations to gain a comprehensive understanding of its functionalities and leverage its advantages for EAI/A2A, API and B2B/EDI integration.

Note: Planning and scheduling of the workshop will be done with you upon request. The price may vary for individually planned training courses.

Guideline Designer (Eclipse Plugin)

  Workshop S-6428
  2 days
  €1,680 per person
  Basic integration knowledge required

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Introduction to the technology of the Guideline Designer
Overview of the graphical interface's functions
Introduction to XPath/Query (loops, filtering, sorting and grouping)
Introduction to the functionality of schema overlays
Creation of simple checks without manual implementation
Implementation of complex validation rules, including individual error messages and codes
Creation of a validation architecture with multi-layered checks
Comprehensive exercises on the topics covered, including overlay creation and local tests
Generation of precompiled compliance sets (deployment artifacts)
During this workshop, you will use the Guideline Designer in a comprehensive scenario. Create custom overlays using the Guideline Designer and explore its capabilities in EAI/A2A, API and B2B/EDI.