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BIS Mapping Designer Advanced
Workshop S-6427

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Advanced data conversion workshop for EAI/A2A, API and B2B/EDI integration in hybrid scenarios with the BIS Mapping Designer (BISMD)

Use of advanced functions of the SEEBURGER BIS Mapping Designer – available as plugin for the open-source Eclipse platform. You develop your own and individual conversions with BISMD. We will be happy to compile the workshop content individually with you based on our selection of topics and individual needs.


For individually planned training, the price may differ. For training outside the Central European Time zone business hours and/or offerings priced in US$ please contact us via the contact form.

Workshop S-6427

  Workshop S-6427
  1 day
  €840 per person
  S-6426 or comparable skills required

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Possible topics

Overview and use of the advanced XPath/XQuery command reference
Advanced introduction to the connection of JDBC-enabled databases
  • Use of maptables
  • Direct SQL
  • Use of database structures
Use of multiple source and multi target files and different formats
  • Multi source mappings
  • Multi target mappings
Extended local test possibilities
Overview of further features
In this training, you will use the BIS Mapping Designer based on an overall scenario. Create individual mappings independently with the BIS Mapping Designer and get to know its possibilities in the area of B2B/EDI as well for API and EAI/A2A integration.