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BIS 6 Communication AS2
Workshop S-6416

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Usage of the AS2 Communication Protocol in the real world

AS2 is a protocol based on http to quickly, cheaply, securely and reliably transmit messages to business partners. Over time, AS2 has established itself in many industries and has become the most common protocol in the retail and CPG industries.


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BIS 6 Communication AS2

  Workshop S-6416
  1 day
  €840 per person
  S-6000 or comparable skills required

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Overview of AS2 (AS2-ID, MDN, synchronous vs. asynchronous communication)
Differences and commonalities between http/s, AS2 and OFTP2
Possible installation scenarios
Security mechanisms
  • Session encryption (TLS)
  • Message encryption
  • News signature
You will practice the different configuration options, also with regard to encryption and certificates, using practical AS2 examples.