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Register a Deal for Extra Margin

Deal Registration is an excellent way to boost your earnings. Authorized Channel Partners are eligible to participate in the SEEBURGER deal registration program.

Follow the steps below to start earning additional margin!

Identify a net new opportunity for SEEBURGER

Submit the Deal Registration form online and fill out all of the required fields

Await a response from our Alliances Team while we review the details

We will notify you once this has been approved or denied


Opportunity: An opportunity is a qualified lead identified by a partner


Deal Registration: The completion and submission of the Deal Registration Form detailing the opportunity


Deal Registration Protection Period: The protection period is 90 days from the Deal Registration approval date

Deal registration guidelines

Authorized Channel Partners are eligible to participate in the SEEBURGER deal registration program
SEEBURGER Deal Registration is not a process to assign accounts
This process applies to net new sales of SEEBURGER solutions and services
It does not apply to renewals or support
Deal Registration requests may only be submitted by completing the Deal Registration Form
  • Submissions to unauthorized SEEBURGER personnel are invalid
  • Incomplete Deal Registration Forms will not be accepted
Deal Registration approvals are valid for 90 days once notified (“Protection Period”)
  • After 90 days, recognized partners may reregister the opportunity with approval of their SEEBURGER Alliance Manager
Partners will receive an email confirmation of SEEBURGER’s receipt of the Deal Registration request
SEEBURGER will use reasonable efforts to provide recognized partners with an approval/denial of the Deal Registration request within 72 hours from SEEBURGER’s receipt of the request
  • All approvals must be provided by the SEEBURGER Alliance Organization to be valid and will be sent via email
  • In the event that a Deal Registration form is denied, it does not mean that the partner cannot still work the opportunity, they simply won’t receive the additional margin
  • The partner will receive the same assistance from SEEBURGER in either scenario
Multiple opportunities may exist at one end-user organization
  • Partners must complete and submit a separate Deal Registration form for each individual

* Deal Registration discounts are subject to change

Deal registration

Boost your revenue with SEEBURGER Deal Registration.

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