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Hybrid Modell – Hybrid Integration Platform

If different operating options are optimal for different applications, the logical consequence is the use of hybrid operating models. Each integration task is solved where it can be solved most efficiently and safely.

Your own specialists can use their know-how in an on-premises installation as well as on an iPaaS platform.

Standardized tasks can be obtained from SEEBURGER as a full service from a private cloud or as a public cloud service.

Thus it is possible to use the advantages of all models and to avoid case-specific restrictions. Of course, such a model also allows you to select different service levels depending on the criticality of the individual use case.


  • Flexibitlity

    The hybrid approach transfers the best-of-breed approach of software selection directly to the selection of operating models. If all systems are based on the same BIS platform, it is always possible to move individual tasks between systems.

  • Transparency & Monitoring

    The monitoring of the BIS platforms can also be consolidated in a hybrid model, thus ensuring an overview of all processes in the overall system. The technical monitoring of the cloud platforms is carried out 100% by SEEBURGER.

  • Expenses

    Despite the complex and distributed operating model, the total effort and cost are not necessarily higher than when selecting a single model. However, building hybrid models always requires a thorough analysis in advance.

  • Security & Privacy

    For each use case, the most suitable operating option can be selected for security and data protection reasons. All SEEBURGER Cloud certifications apply to the components operated by SEEBURGER.

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