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Our process components support your requirements concerning the following topics: E-Invoicing, file-based exchange of generic information or industry-specific formats as well as digital market processes in the utilities sector.

  • E-Invoicing
  • Managed File Transfer
  • Utilities & Provider

SEEBURGER Cloud Services for E-Invoicing

Electronic invoice processing streamlines processes, lowers costs and improves the environmental footprint. To benefit from the advantages of E-Invoicing, companies need flexible solutions, which also cover future requirements – without additional costs or technical expenses for the user. We offer these solutions in the SEEBURGER Cloud.

E-Invoicing Service

Automated exchange of electronic invoices in an international environment.

Invoice Delivery Service

The quick start to the simple and secure delivery of electronic invoices.

UK VAT Portal

Report VAT returns to HMRC.

Invoice Portal Service

Webbased verification, approval and processing of incoming invoices.

PEPPOL Access Point

Become part of the PEPPOL network and exchange documents.

Managed File Transfer Cloud Solutions

With the Managed File Transfer (MFT) Services, you can even use the Cloud for sensitive business data. The MFT Services provide the highest level of security for saving and exchanging sensitive and valuable data via a central MFT platform. It is your decision, who has access to your data. This way, quotes, contracts, construction plans and further business-critical information can be delivered securely.

Secure Attachments for Outlook

Secure delivery of file attachments via Outlook.

EPX Service

Joint project space to create and exchange engineering data with partners.

Secure Data Room

Secure storing and filesharing via the SEEBURGER Cloud.

Cloud Services for Utilities & Provider

The SEEBURGER Cloud offers energy suppliers with its Utilities Cloud Service an array of quick and cost-effective standardized solutions to map and automatize their market processes. The services range from a simple tool used to securely transfer personal data in clarification cases, through the monitoring service used to keep track of your entire market communication, up to the outsourcing service where the SEEBURGER team processes all your data and fully takes over your entire market communication.

RRM+ Service

Reporting wholesale energy business transactions to the European agency ACER.

Clarification Service

Transferring sensitive personal data in clarification cases.

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Logistics Integration with SEEBURGER Managed Services

The project is based on exchange of EDI data based on Logistics standards and B2B messages (Desadv, Insdes, Recadv), managed through the SEEBURGER BIS hosted at SEEBURGER datacenter in Germany.

Optimized efficiency with SEEBURGER Cloud services

STAR’s benefits were transparency, optimized efficiency, a more unified collaboration, synchronization and precision increase, enhanced total quality and improvement in relationship management.

SEEBURGER enables EDI communication for Omega Pharma

Omega Pharma opted for the EDI Cloud Services, this does not require any hardware or software investments. The Cloud Services allows Omega Pharma to focus on its core business and frees up investment.

Faster response time with SEEBURGER Cloud Services

GNUTTI CARLO decided to consolidate the ERP systems and the EDI/B2B system into one single solution. After a comprehensive evaluation, SAP and SEEBURGER Cloud Services for EDI/B2B was chosen.

B2B consolidation and centralization with Cloud Services

With SEEBURGER private Cloud Services, Barilla reached the goal of the international B2B consolidation project and has a centralized B2B/EDI Cloud Service for all BARILLA’s national entities.

Efficient sales force integration via the SEEBURGER Cloud

HOERBIGER chose the flexible SEEBURGER Cloud platform for the swift and efficient Salesforce Integration using Salesforce Soap and Bulk API by additionally provision of KPI reports from SAP BW.

Market Communication at Uniper

In Touch with Tomorrow – The digitization of the energy industry is connecting market participants more and more.

B2B and EAI at Ritter Sport

The company chose the Business Integration Suite, which by combining Managed Services and Managed File Transfer (MFT) fulfills all of Ritter Sport’s requirements on one product platform.

B2B Service for Outsourced SAP GTS

“We believe that SEEBURGER has the most sophisticated B2B solution for SAP GTS to date,” Mike Bitsch, Sales Processing & Global Trade Services in Merck’s IT team.

SEEBURGER Compare Service

Tool-based migration improves data quality and project security

KAESER Kompressoren uses SEEBURGER E-Invoicing Cloud Services

for Real-time VAT reporting to the Hungarian tax authorities (NAV) via RTIR (Real-time Invoice Reporting)

Optimized procurement processes and e-invoicing via WebEDI Cloud

The HOERBIGER Holding AG from Switzerland handles with the SEEBURGER solution their procurement processes and e-Invoicing with all of their small suppliers around the world at a high quality level.

SEEBURGER Cloud Services for SAP GTS customers

SEEBURGER ensures smooth communication between BMW Group and customs authorities