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abas Integration

Integration and connectivity to the abas application

Today, your business extends further than ever before, to the cloud and beyond. This pushes your ERP applications to the core of your business across your entire ecosystem.

SEEBURGER can help extend your ERP applications, including business processes and other assets, while you choose between an on-premises solution and cloud-based services. Integrate and connect to abas with SEEBURGER.

Supported transactions include inbound transactions (delivery forecast/call off, self-billing interface, remittance advice and orders), outbound transactions (dispatch advice CDA 4913, dispatch advice EDIFACT DESADV, Invoice VDA 4906 and Invoice EDIFACT) and aftermarket (Order Response EDIFACT and Delivery Forecast VDA).

If your use case is special, contact us to discuss how we can best meet your integration needs.

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