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Magento | Adobe Commerce

Adobe Commerce (formerly Magento) Integration

Integrate Adobe Commerce (formerly Magento) into your business

Adobe Commerce (formerly Magento) integration helps you connect the e-commerce platform with your enterprise applications. You can automatically integrate orders and customer information into your ERP or CRM, trigger appropriate fulfillment processes or store comprehensive information in an extensive data warehouse. Enrich your Adobe Commerce (formerly Magento) integration by synchronizing your product data with PIM or MAM systems.

For automatic processing of orders or customer data to your ERP or CRM, this integration method uses the BIS RestService Adapter and the available integration profile content.

To keep your webshop products in sync with other business applications, no matter which integration you need, SOAP or REST, SEEBURGER BIS EAI/A2A and API platform capabilities provide you with the functionality to easily synchronize your data bi-directionally.

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