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What is an EDIFACT ORDRSP Message?

The EDIFACT ORDRSP (purchase ORDer ReSPonse) is a message sent from a seller to a buyer, responding to a previously sent Purchase Order message (ORDERS) or Purchase Order Change Request message (ORDCHG). It follows the EDI message standard UN/EDIFACT and is a crucial message type for the retail and manufacturing industries' electronic purchasing process.

The use of the EDIFACT ORDERS Message

Buying organizations use EDI purchase orders to order services or goods and direct them to distribution centers, stores or their end consumers.

The ORDERS format is the purchase order document using EDI messaging standards based on EDIFACT as a common EDI standard format.

The purchase order is normally created in the ERP system of the customer in an ERP-specific data format. Using an EDI solution this internal format then is converted into the EDIFACT ORDERS format. After the conversion, the message is sent to the supplier placing an order for goods or services.

How does a typical EDIFACT ORDRSP Structure look like?

The EDIFACT ORDRSP message can contain a wide range of information and appear very different in various scenarios. From an entire order being accepted with no amendments to an ORDRSP amending each of the items specific quantity and date, the content could be vastly different.

A typical EDIFACT ORDRSP Message includes:

  • Message Function Code, stating the acceptance, partial acceptance or rejection
  • Purchase Order numbers and codes
  • Dates of planned delivery
  • Specific details relating to items or goods which cannot be supplied in full, and proposed amendments
  • Reasons for rejection
  • Transport and delivery pattern information

Processing of the EDIFACT ORDRSP Message

When the prospective buyer receives an ORDRSP, which in turn has been generated off the back of a previously created ORDERS request, their EDI system would check the contents of the file against their EDIFACT ORDRSP specification and update their ERP system with the accepted or amended order details. They could then generate and send back a functional acknowledgment, confirming the receipt of the EDI message.

EDIFACT ORDRSP Example in the EDI Workflow

Within EDI, messages are exchanged between the business partners in a typical sequence of files, dependent on the specific industry they are working within. The below example shows a standard Retail workflow, highlighting when the ORDRSP would be generated and sent, and other standard messages.

What are the equivalents of EDIFACT ORDRSP in other EDI Standard Formats?

Within the ANSI X12 format, which is widely used throughout North America, an 855 Purchase Order Acknowledgement would be sent in place of an ORDRSP. If the company uses TRADACOMS as their format, they would need to send an ACKHDR, an Acknowledgement message.

Benefits using EDI and the EDIFACT ORDRSP Message

There are multiple benefits for using EDI ORDRSP messages

Instant confirmation or rejection of previously sent orders
Avoidance of manual entry of data

saving both time and overheads

Data can be received automatically

helping all future orders and scheduling of delivery

Benefits specific to customers
  • Feedback of requested orders received instantly
  • Reduction on returns, due to fewer incorrect deliveries
  • Instant information on requested delivery dates and times
Benefits specific to suppliers
  • Proposed amendments to orders can be made
  • Feedback regarding a full or partial delivery of one or more orders
  • Better supplier ratings due to fewer errors
  • Cost reduction because of more efficient trading

Benefit from stable EDIFACT Purchase Order Responses

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