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What Is EAI and A2A Integration?

Discover the faster way to connect, transform and unify data and information

The SEEBURGER BIS EAI and A2A capabilities support your business and IT to connect your apps and unify data. With dozens of connectors with pre-configured templates, integration services based on APIs, and binding SLAs, you can rely on SEEBURGER for your EAI and A2A integration.

EAI and A2A Integration for
Powerful, Secure, Reliable Connections

Integration of purchasing platforms – digitalization of procurement processes via EAI and A2A integration

Procurement and purchasing platforms enable employees to purchase consumables easily and efficiently online. Using coordinated catalogs, they can place orders within predefined budgets, depending on their rights and roles. Suppliers store offers, quantities, discounts, and delivery dates and execute traceably negotiated orders.

Procurement digitalization with EAI and A2A integration is key to ensure a smooth procurement experience. Systems need to be closely connected with the purchasing platform via procurement and purchasing APIs, connectors, cloud integration services or flexibly via the appropriate SEEBURGER adapter.

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    Data validation & error handling

    Seamlessly integrate any procurement platform with BIS EAI and A2A capabilities. Connect them via API or EDI with ERP/SAP systems as well as participating enterprise applications including all associated processes.

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    With reliable end-to-end monitoring capabilities of API-based or otherwise integrated business processes, you always have an overview of your entire business processes and can rely on them running smoothly.

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    Versatile EAI and A2A integration enables automatic order processing with budget check, reservation and release via APIs by coupling with SAP/ERP and user database as well as B2B/EDI capability including supplier onboarding .

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    As an interface service provider, the security features of the SEEBURGER BIS Platform guarantee the confidentiality and integrity of your data, processes and communications at all times.

EAI and A2A integration in logistics and cloud based order fulfillment

When talking about digitalization in logistics, key goals for manufacturers and dealers fulfillment are, drop shipment, transport handling and shipment tracking. OMS and TMS systems, for example, seamlessly integrate into ERP and merchandise management systems - via the BIS EAI/A2A capabilities with the following advantages that further increase efficiency and reduce costs:

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    The BIS EAI/A2A capability enables agile and fast networking of modern logistics systems, value-added services and existing back-end applications for perfect logistics.

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    Track & Trace

    Securely receive and process raw data from IIoT cloud platforms via the central BIS EAI/A2A capability to generate intelligent use cases.

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    Secure transmission of logistics data with integrated monitoring and customer-relevant end-to-end monitoring.

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    The BIS EAI/A2A capability automatically handles the conversion and consolidation of data during transmission of information during integration of cloud services and internal applications.

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EAI and A2A integration for digitalization of purchasing and production processes through APIs

Innovative supply chain management requires appropriate technologies for all scenarios of efficient procurement. Whether integration of PDM/PLM systems for the exchange of product and CAD data for further processing in electronic procurement or increasing digitalization in production: API integration and EAI form the backbone of networking.

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    Continuous networking of processes and systems

    The BIS EAI/A2A capability integrates purchasing and procurement systems, enterprise applications such as PLM, PDM, MES and ERP as well as participating IT solutions including all associated processes.

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    Automation & Integration

    With a comprehensive set of ready-made adapters, BIS provides the technical basis for all automation and integration tasks.

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    Real-time API integration for selected IIoT capabilities

    In production, BIS ensures the networking of machines, systems and business processes. Predictive maintenance, new services or the traceability of products always require integration into existing IT landscapes.

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    Security & Privacy

    The security functions of the SEEBURGER BIS Platform guarantee the confidentiality and integrity of your data, processes and communication at all times.

EAI and A2A integration of sensitive employee and customer data through APIs

The integration of different employer or customer data into a single HR or CRM system enables an efficient working environment, automated processes and valuable overviews of the process through the BIS EAI/A2A capability:

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    The core of digital transformation

    As digitalization advances, the demands placed on HR processes are undergoing a transformation. Ensuring the seamless integration of HR and customer data facilitates innovative and streamlined approaches.

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    Information as the foundation for economic success

    Monitor key performance indicators and glean valuable insights about employees and customers. Safely and efficiently store pertinent data in a secure repository for informed decision-making.

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    Integrating all systems through APIs

    Leverage comprehensive integration technologies to interconnect systems of varying types using diverse API technologies and preconfigured modules.

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    Enhancing GDPR preparedness

    GDPR implementation is not a choice, but a legal mandate that demands significant commitment and resources. Data from multiple touchpoints must be securely and transparently integrated internally.

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