24/7 Support for Your SEEBURGER Solution

24/7 Support for Your SEEBURGER Solution

SEEBURGER offers flexible and highly qualified support expertise – round the clock. You can rely on our tightly integrated combination of people, processes and technologies – worldwide and at any time.

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Remote Alerts: 24/7 Monitoring Made Easy

Remote Alerts: 24/7 Monitoring Made Easy

SEEBURGER monitors your system and alerts you when real issues pop up. We optimize the monitoring setup permanently, so you stay ahead of the game.

This 24/7 service connects your on-premise system with the SEEBURGER Cloud, combining the advantages of both approaches.




Remote Management: Let Us Operate Your SEEBURGER Solution

Remote Management: Let Us Operate Your SEEBURGER Solution

Let our experienced support team completely operate your on-premise SEEBURGER Solution remotely



Product Support and Options for On-Premise Operations

Any questions about your SEEBURGER solution? Having technical issues? Regardless of whether it is content or platform related, we are happy to help you and to connect to your system remotely to provide comprehensive support services.

Digital transformation moves IT systems even more into the mission-critical center of companies’ value chains. However, operational coverage only during office hours may not suffice for your operation.

SEEBURGER Remote Alerting and Remote Management helps any organization seeking improved system health, overall collaboration performance or addressing reduced staffing. We are here to augment your coverage or during peak work volumes during project implementation.

Continuum of Options for SEEBURGER Solution Deployment

Technical Support & Customer Service Portfolio

Support Service Levels

SEEBURGER Support provides worldwide technical support with package options starting from regular business hour support to 24/7, around-the-clock availability.


24/7 Support for Your SEEBURGER Solution

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SEEBURGER Support – Features and Benefits


  • Get help when you need it around the clock
    Flexible and highly qualified support expertise

  • Selection of SLA options: meeting your requirements
    Our Service and Support options provide flexibility and speed

  • Highly trained specialists for operations
    Benefit of our longstanding Service and Support experience based on the successful work with thousands of customers.

  • Directly from the vendor
    SEEBURGER develops, consults, trains and supports with one team

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The SEEBURGER Service Desk: Get Help Fast

SEEBURGER Service Portal              Email


Germany:   +49 7252 961443
Bulgaria:   +359 2 974 5102
China:   +86 21 5835 7779 
France:   +33 188890707
Indonesia:   001 803 49 21 181 9096
Italy:   +39 02 40703793
Malaysia:   1 800 81 9555
Netherlands:   +31206586138
North America:   +1 678 904 3322   and   +1 866 453 5301
Singapore:   800 4922 472
Spain:   +34 91 9019396
Sweden:   +46105102529

In case you don’t have a SEEBURGER Service Desk account yet, contact us via e-mail with your SEEBURGER customer number, name and phone number to servicedesk@seeburger.com.

Remote Management

Remote Management for Your SEEBURGER Implementation

Remote Management takes over operational responsibility leveraging Remote Alerting.

Through proactive health checks and Problem Management we avoid issues. We detect errors early and react quickly to performance fluctuation, increasing operational stability.

Remote Management improves the day-to-day application administration, workflow intervention, operations and maintenance of your SEEBURGER Business Integration Server.

Operation for your SEEBURGER solution is provided under standard SLAs. You can achieve 24/7 full coverage or just augment times outside normal business hours (nights, weekends and public holidays). We increase your flexibility also for contract duration level.

Remote Management benefits organizations specifically focused on improving their service levels without increasing in-house IT staffing levels.

Let us Manage Your SEEBURGER Implementation 24/7

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SEEBURGER Remote Management  – Features and Benefits


  • Reliable Operation
    SEEBURGER Experts provide leadership through changes, upgrades and maintenance. Our best practices increase your availability

  • Personnel augmentation and backup
    Coverage by SEEBURGER specialists for peak load times, staff vacation or extended absence

  • Create Time for Innovation
    You will have more time to drive the digital transformation of your company.

  • Cost reduction
    The Total Cost of Ownership is reduced through moving the operation to SEEBURGER. 24/7 coverage will be at a lower cost than with your own staff.

Trading Partner Service

As a part of the SEEBURGER Trading Partner Service, our Trading Partner Support is the single point of contact for you, your suppliers and your customers. Through the direct, daily operational support of SEEBURGER experts who assist with data exchange questions and message transfer errors, our Trading Partner Service reduces the workload for your customers to increase the satisfaction of both your customers and suppliers.

With Trading Partner Support, SEEBURGER becomes the „Single Point of Contact (SPOC)“ for your trading partners and directly handles their requests. Simply refer your trading partners to SEEBURGER Trading Partner Support for all inquiries relating to ongoing operations. SEEBURGER Trading Partner Support is the interface between your specialist department and your trading partners.

Worry-free Trading Partner Support

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SEEBURGER Trading Partner Support – Features and Benefits


  • Support Hotline from SEEBURGER
    EDI experts for you and your trading partners.

  • Relief for your EDI team
    Errors in content will not be reported to your EDI team
    but to the SEEBURGER Trading Partner Support.

  • Problem solving
    Error analysis or research when the trading partner calls.

  • Short ways
    Interface between your EDI team, the SEEBURGER Cloud team and your trading partners.

More than 10,000 satisfied customers worldwide rely on SEEBURGER solutions

Here you find the success stories from our customers

Schleich relies on SEEBURGER's Managed Integration Services

The global renewal strategy for overall data integration is SAP S/4HANA ready and supports the international growth of the future.

CargoCast scales AI-based business model with SEEBURGER

The start-up relies on high connectivity in data acquisition and efficient data management via BIS as crucial factors for accurate forecasts with artificial intelligence.

BIS as an agile and strategic platform for all integration needs

As a full-managed or software-as-a-service, Würth IT provides its more than 400 national companies with EDI, API, IoT and MFT services for connecting numerous partners and systems.

Global success through innovative concepts and sales strategies

The SEEBURGER One-Platform, with its custom-fit technologies for EDI, API and SAP S/4HANA integration, supports ARTDECO in digitization securely, efficiently and reliably.

ElringKlinger Future-Proofs for the Road Ahead

By expanding its proven BIS into a highly available middleware platform, ElringKlinger is able to meet all corporate and industry requirements and is ready for a wide range of integration tasks.

ITL Increases Productivity by 80% with Omnichannel Integration

Simplify complex business requirements between systems, customers and partners in the logistics industry

Adopting the SEEBURGER Cloud to Support a New Corporate Strategy

The migration provides the Zumtobel Group with a valuable increase in performance in a highly dynamic competitive environment – with a focus on digitalization, cloud and sustainability.

SEEBURGER Cloud as a digital key for all integration tasks

With the introduction of SAP S/4HANA and consolidation of heterogeneous ERP systems, Huf is moving all EDI communication and API management of all business applications to the SEEBURGER Cloud.

Digitalized logistic processes a success

SEEBURGER's fully managed cloud solution doesn’t just save us time and money, it also gives us better quality data exchange.

Westnetz/MITNETZ STROM: Redispatch 2.0 successfully implemented

The simultaneous connection of the operators Westnetz and MITNETZ STROM to the Connect+ platform RAIDA, in compliance with the deadlines set by the BNetzA, was fast, secure and reliable.

Globally Integrated SAP S/4HANA Process and System Landscape

In the course of the global SAP S/4HANA roll-out, DRÄXLMAIER benefits from the technologically leading BIS platform and the Remote Management Service through stable business-critical processes.

B2B communication automated with SAP S/4HANA

The worldwide consolidation of global EDI systems in the SEEBURGER Cloud together with the SAP S/4HANA migration and data warehouse integration ensure greater efficiency in distribution processing.

Group-wide digitization as a sustainable basis for success

The SEEBURGER BIS platform enables the integration of all applications, partners, systems and services into the existing IT landscape and thus contributes significantly to its performance.

AI Helps Drive Customer Loyalty for 84.51° and Kroger

SEEBURGER BIS MFT enables 84.51° to make certain insights available to CPG clients to better understand how to market to Kroger customers.

Energy Transition is Our Work

With the SEEBURGER Platform, E-Werk Mittelbaden has created the technical basis for future-proof, stable and flexible market communication.