SEEBURGER Connectors:
Information and Resources

SEEBURGER BIS is an open business integration platform that allows you to integrate ANYTHING.

SEEBURGER BIS Connectors enable you to easily integrate and securely connect to any business application, technology, interface or anything else – on-premises or in the cloud.

Each SEEBURGER Connector

  • Covers a specific integration need, or the integration of a specific system or service interface (e.g. Azure File Storage, Salesforce, SAP, etc.)
  • Can support one or more functions of one interface
  • Is based on generic BIS adapters and standard solutions (BIS EAI/API solutions)
  • Includes added value ranging from expert documentation on how to address integration challenge with standard BIS functionality, to a ready-to-run SEEBURGER Connector artefact
  • Includes all necessary license modules (limited to the specific scenario) and information (including expert documentation) to address an integration scenario

As a user of the SEEBURGER BIS Platform you can benefit from our connector capabilities no matter which deployment option you choose:

In the Public Cloud
As an iPaaS
As a Fully Managed Service in the SEEBURGER Cloud

SEEBURGER BIS Adapters and SEEBURGER Connectors: What is the difference?

An adapter is a generic SEEBURGER BIS module which can be used for multiple connectivity purposes.
Examples: REST adapter, OFTP2 adapter, EDIFACT adapter, SAP tRFC adapter, WebServices adapter.

A connector is a SEEBURGER BIS component which is specific to an integration or technology. It may make use of serval adapters, and is used for a defined connectivity purpose. Connectors often come with content (configuration data, mappings etc.) that serves to minimize implementation efforts.
Examples: BIS Microsoft Dynamics AX connextor, Google Cloud Storage connector, Microsoft Azure File Storage connector, SAP Ariba connector.

In alignment with the process for SEEBURGER BIS and its modules, new connectors are delivered with service packs installation media. Alternatively, they can be delivered as deployable artefacts by the SEEBURGER Professionals Services Organization.

Note that if you choose our Fully Managed Service in the SEEBURGER Cloud, we manage your connections with industry-leading Service Level Availability (SLA) commitments.

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