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Salesforce CRM Integration

Integrate with Salesforce CRM to any other system to synchronize data

Connectivity to Salesforce enables you to easily synchronize your data from ERP to CRM and vice versa – without any development. It provides you with instant connectivity to the most common functionality of Salesforce APIs so you can synchronize customer, product or order data between your ERP and Salesforce applications.

With SEEBURGER BIS EAI/A2A and API platform capabilities, you can easily connect Salesforce to any other system. 

Connecting business systems to Salesforce to increase sales activities often requires additional integration capabilities. SEEBURGER provides all the capabilities you need to fulfill specific integration requirements: 

  • Connect Salesforce to other business applications such as e-commerce apps, PIM, BI or warehouse management systems. 
  • Connect Salesforce application data flows to your EDI system. 
  • Secure data handoff to enterprise applications and systems for storage and analysis to drive business intelligence and optimize operational outcomes. 
  • Keep data aligned between Salesforce CRM and all your business-critical on-premises and cloud apps.

Read this case study to see how our customer, HOERBIGER, an automotive parts manufacturer, delivers efficient business processes via stable Salesforce integration.

If your use case is special, contact us to discuss how our solutions can best meet your integration needs.