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The Countdown to ISO 20022

See how much time you’ve got to reach the November 2025 deadline with our countdown ticker, and view valuable content including milestones to help you stay on track.

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There’s no hiding from ISO 20022

Ready Or Not, Here It Comes There’s No Hiding From ISO 20022

Principal Analyst Gareth Lodge of research and advisory firm Celent and SEEBURGER's Senior Vice President Ulf Persson discuss the highlights of the joint survey of SEEBURGER and Celent on American banks readiness for ISO 20022.

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Meet the Expert Webcast Series – Connectors

How SEB Built an Agile, Resilient, Automated Payments Service with us

What started as a Managed File Transfer solution is now the answer for onboarding, self-services and automation, and a catalyst for innovative new customer services.

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SEEBURGER Business Integration

MoneyGram Improves Security, Flexibility and Compliance with SEEBURGER

When MoneyGram needed to modernize and consolidate into one hybrid integration platform, SEEBURGER delivered, along with improvements across their applications and architecture.

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SEEBURGER Business Integration

KBC Bank Improves Customer Experience & Mitigates Risk with SEEBURGER

How did we help KBC improve their customer and user experience, speed up the onboarding process, and solve challenges it was having with business growth? Find out.

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Modernize to Meet Customer Expectations and Gain Market Share

Modernize to Meet Customer Expectations and Gain Market Share

Financial institutions face great challenges in their efforts to stay profitable, remain competitive and maintain their customer list. In this whitepaper, discover why modernization and digitalization matter now more than ever, and how to make changes without breaking the bank.

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Solutions for Financial Services

Financial institutions today are managing a tidal wave of change because of the shifting payments landscape, widespread digitalization, impending regulations, Open Banking, and more. To prepare for what’s ahead, financial institutions must redesign and increase their digital footprint and digital capability. A hybrid integration platform can help.

You need the right technology for innovation, collaboration and delivery of new services while also getting ready for coming regulations and standards.

Deliver Faster

Flexible. Powerful. Proven. SEEBURGER Solutions for Financial Services bring simplicity to complex challenges. We can help you in your efforts to:

  • Achieve smarter, faster payments through a payment hub
  • Enable Open API Banking
  • Prepare for ISO 20022 migration
  • Manage all your channels
  • Ensure regulatory compliance
  • Defeat increasing competition
  • Speed time to market with new products and services
  • Transform legacy solutions


SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite (BIS) for Financial Services is an agile, secure and single platform that accommodates any data format, standard, gateway, data transfer protocol and business partner with ease. With our ability to integrate anything, you can:

We make it radically simple to connect your critical business systems.

Integrate, validate, translate, secure, share and monetize your data.

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Innovation Through Integration

Integration solutions are the best way to solve business challenges. However, legacy backend systems often stand in the way of innovation. These systems are inflexible and cannot neither solve multiple use-cases at once nor be adjusted to address new problems.

A fully interconnected backend delivers value-adding services to both business users and customers by enabling comprehensive business activity monitoring, tailored alerting, and notifications about selected data. User-friendly front- and backends empower businesses and technical users to deliver data to customer-facing products – improving customer service overall. Services like track and trace, which provide transparent data flows of information (such as payment or onboarding statuses), empower customers and lines of business alike.

Time to Value

With a connected integration ecosystem, you can profit from faster time to market, higher efficiency and security that the functionality-rich SEEBURGER Connectors can deliver.

Improve agility and productivity by rapidly connecting systems and unlocking data with our out-of-the-box connectors and integration templates.

With everything you need right at your fingertips, integration becomes quick, easy and headache-free.

Customer Experience

Financial Institutions today face unprecedented disruption from digital technologies. Turn these challenges into business opportunities – and competitive advantages. Connect people, businesses and systems – and keep customers happy with the personalized, in-depth experiences they expect.

Improved partner onboarding, a fully interconnected backend and a user-friendly frontend with self-service functionalities tailored to your needs allows you to provide cutting-edge customer service, 24/7.

API Integration

Innovate for agility: Open Banking requires easy access to the banking ecosystem to share data through web services and APIs to partners and customers. Our API integration enables FSI providers to access information and let it to flow in and out of their core banking system.

From self-service onboarding to global payment services, monitoring and ISO 20022 testing – open banking empowers you to utilize your business intelligence to provide access to customers, products and sources of revenue.

Scale Without Limits

SEEBURGER BIS is the perfect platform to grow quickly and efficiently. Start as small as you need and scale up as your business evolves – and benefit from the full power of our platform while still being able to move agilely and iterate quickly.

ISO 20022 Opportunity

ISO 20022 is mandatory for banks, and the deadline will arrive quicker than you think. See our list of milestones, and discover our collection of informative content to help prepare you for the changes.

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What is the future of digital payments?

It is time to examine recent changes and their influences in digital payments as the COVID-19 pandemic shifts the world toward contactless shopping and touch-free transactions. How can financial institutions prepare for the future? And what will payments look like in the next year?

Global ISO 20022 Readiness Survey

Download the global survey report by SEEBURGER and research and advisory firm Celent to learn what banks and corporates have done to prepare for ISO 20022 – and what remains left to do.

Four Best Practices to Help Banks Supercharge Their Payments Modernization Efforts

Learn about four practices that can help you accelerate your modernization efforts, business connectivity and continuity, and reduce barriers to profit in order to achieve effective modernization.

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