Intershop API

Integrate Intershop APIs for easier data exchange between multiple branches and one webshop

Do you use e-commerce in your business for buying and/or selling goods, products or services over the internet? Do you have multiple branch offices that need to feed data into one webshop, in various formats, using multiple transport methods?

There are e-commerce applications available for online marketing and purchasing, retail and wholesale, finance, manufacturing, online booking and much more.

Use our EAI/API solution components to handle the challenges of your Intershop integration. Receive data from your offices via multiple formats and protocols, and change them into your webshop format. SEEBURGER can help extend your Intershop API applications, included business processes and other assets across your entire ecosystem, both on-premises and in the cloud.

If your use case is special, contact us to discuss how our EAI/API solution can best meet your integration needs.

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