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Supply Chain Integration: All Industries and All Processes, Worldwide

Digital processes that support senders and recipients of goods reduce costs and ensure process quality. SEEBURGER solutions empower you to accelerate digital transformation of your business processes.

End-to-end Support: Standardized, Automated, and Consistent

Digital Service Platforms: All data, applications and partners

Digital Service Platforms: All data, applications and partners

Timely, accurate internal data flow between various systems of differing generations and architectures can determine how competitive you are. Expand your internal applications into integrated in-house platforms with SEEBURGER.

Individual, Universal, and Customized

Central Control of Information and Goods

Central Control of Information and Goods

Being able to access all your business data in real time keeps you ahead of the game. SEEBURGER lets you standardize and consolidate all your internal and external customer processes, enabling centralized control of information and goods.

Transparent | Efficient | Reliable

The SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite: Core Accelerator of Digital Transformation for Logistics Companies

Smoothly functioning logistics are the foundation for every company operating in this sector. Yet, the logistics demands placed on companies are changing at breakneck speed as globalization advances and new market conditions arise.

Various integration measures are needed in order to be able to adapt to and embrace dynamic developments with agility and focus. These include automated inclusion of partners in logistics processes, integration of logistics systems, and flexible operating and cost models such as On-Premise, Cloud and Hybrid.

Standardize and automate your processes with SEEBURGER Logistics Solutions, and you will benefit from for centralized control of all data and flows of goods.

The Benefits of SEEBURGER Logistics Solutions

These benefits can be delivered either on-premise or in the Cloud:

  • Established logistics solutions with preconfigured processes for all industries
  • Standardized adapters to all ERP systems commonly used worldwide
  • Single-click implementation solutions that utilize our extensive mapping and process libraries

Standardize Digital Logistics Processes,
Accelerate Innovation, and Minimize Costs

Network and integrate complex value-add processes on a project-specific basis

Automating the integration of customers and suppliers with standardized logistics processes can optimize your supply chain

In production and trade supply chain management, different industries use differing standards for data exchange, which can differ not only internally to specific countries, but also across borders as well. In addition, differing standard processes are implemented for Value-Added Services and Contracts, Transport and Shipping Logistics, to name just a few.

Businesses such as logistics firms that operate with partners in multiple industries, sectors and regions can easily become daunted by the sheer variety and complexity of processes and formats. This is why SEEBURGER has centrally evaluated, structured and standardized all of these variants, and bundled them in packaged solutions to make it much easier to implement new requirements as they become critical to these organizations.

Efficient supply chain management through standardization and design of B2B processes at Leschaco

How a worldwide logistics service provider uniformly handles all customer requirements.

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Integrating storage, shipping, planning & scheduling and transport systems to cloud applications

Designing a logistics network means integrating existing individual systems of differing generations and performance capabilities – such as storage systems, planning & scheduling systems, track & trace and commercial administration systems and, increasingly, digital marketplace and cloud-based solutions. With a broad range of different API/EAI technologies and preconfigured building blocks, the SEEBURGER Logistics Solution supports logistics companies with the implementation of diverse integration scenarios – including real-time integration with appropriate load, safety and security requirements, even for conventional in-house systems. The solution provides a catalog of pre-configured system functions for use by other applications, enabling interconnection and interaction between any kind of system, application, device or app.

  • Provision of real-time information of any kind for specific departments and external partners
  • Improved supply chain event management
  • More efficient planning and scheduling of orders, services and transport operations

The SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite as central integration hub for Zeleris

Successful automation of processes, resulting in significant savings in time and money.

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Compliant, auditable modeling of any type of data transfer in accordance with the strictest security requirements

There's growing demand among lawmakers, customers and partners for verifiable compliance with increasingly stringent guidelines like GDPR – including IT security audits. Such efforts focus on management and control of the exchange of company-critical data. The SEEBURGER MFT solution assures secure and traceable data exchange with end-to-end transaction monitoring and comprehensive control of all data - from confidential business and contract data to oversize files - beyond: Everything within an organization or in exchange with external partners, whether between multiple systems, systems and people, or – even on an ad-hoc basis – between people.

The benefits:

  • Secure Transmission of sensitive data between systems and/or people
  • Transfer of data quantities of any size
  • Protected data spaces for cooperative project work

How FERCAM achieves efficiency and scalability by Managed File Transfer

Secure B2B and A2B message exchange with national and international partners.

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Intelligently linking logistics applications of today with IoT devices of tomorrow

SEEBURGER's BIS IoT solution is the answer to the integration tasks posed by projects associated with Industry/Logistics 4.0. The BIS IoT Gateway and BIS IoT Management unite the business level with the mechanics of products, means of transport, transport containers, and storage. Proprietary interfaces are thereby converted into standard formats such as OPC-UA in order to create a solid base for a wide range of integration projects.

The SEEBURGER BIS IoT Gateway collects and stores data from IoT devices, device management or control systems, makes them available to applications at the planning and administration levels and offers functions for analysis and process control.

SEEBURGER BIS IoT Management bundles a number of web-based applications for the management of APIs and services of the IoT devices in production or in the field. It offers tailored role-based features for asset and process data management, configuration, monitoring and analysis.

The benefits:

  • Feedback of enriched, context-specific data on the condition and use of goods, containers and means of transport
  • Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS) for complete transparency of transported and stored goods in real time
  • Provision and integration of data lakes for big data analyses aimed at optimizing service activities

How 'intelligent containers' themselves control transport and distribution

A research project for verifying the feasibility of Logistics 4.0.

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Global Support for B2G Requirements for Electronic Invoicing

Throughout the world today, electronic invoices bearing qualified electronic signatures are just as valid as their paper counterparts, so more and more companies in worldwide have adopted e-Invoicing.
You, too, can benefit from the advantages of digital invoicing: The electronic processing and automation of accounting processes can save between 60% and 80% of the costs of paper-based processing. In addition, e-invoicing ensures faster, media-disruption-free processes, reduces error rate and allows greater transparency and traceability.

E-Invoicing can be implemented on-premise or in the Cloud with our SaaS solution. 

Benefits of SEEBURGER E-Invoicing:

  • Processing of all electronic invoicing formats, both inbound and outbound
  • Automated recording of invoices in PDF file format and paper hardcopy format to support extended archiving requirements
  • Approval-for-release workflows and legally compliant review procedures

E-Invoicing in the focus of companies

SEEBURGER AG is once again listed as a leading global provider of e-invoicing solutions.

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Flexible Operating Models Can Move You Through Digital Transformation Faster

While tasks such as networking internal systems to create an agile, centrally controlled logistics network are unique and hardly conducive to standardization, there are critical and time-intensive subject areas in our daily business routines which, from an economical standpoint, lend themselves favorably to outsourcing.

This affects the entire Community Management functionality, as well as the onboarding and operation of changing B2B/EDI partner networks – from customers and subcontractors to customs clearance procedures. It also affects legally compliant invoicing management, including archiving, which in turn can impact certain API architectures for real-time communication, with requirements such as loading and security requirements.

Lower your investment and operating costs by moving your digital transformation project in part or in total to the SEEBURGER Cloud – in distributed and certified data centers in Germany and the US that comply with German and European data privacy laws.

The benefits:

  • Flexible use of SEEBURGER integration services
  • Value-added services for departments available on an ad-hoc basis
  • Allows you to fully concentrate on your core business and not on integration

SEEBURGER Managed Services for the Logistics unit of the Italian Transmec Group

Logistics integration, administration and hosting by SEEBURGER

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Solutions for logistics companies

Successfully design complex value chains in digital format.

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More than 10,000 satisfied customers worldwide rely on SEEBURGER Ready-to-Run Solutions

Take a look at just a few of the many success stories of our Customers

ZELERIS successfully implemented the SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite as central B2B/EAI integration hub

ZELERIS makes huge transmissions of files and documents on a daily basis and requires a robust integration platform to speed up processes and provide better customer service. With SEEBURGER BIS6 ZELERIS achieved significant savings in time and money with automated processes.

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FERCAM upgrades to SEEBURGER BIS6 and achieves efficiency and scalability in the exchange of B2B and A2A EDI messages

SEEBURGER BIS6 perfectly bridges the gaps of the previous version, provides a more articulated infrastructure, made of 3,300 configuration entities and 2,500 mappings, enhancing safety and reliability for the communication flows.

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