SAS Connector

Integrate with SAS Fraud Management, Anti-Money Laundering and Security Intelligence solutions

As your organization combats cyberattacks, integration with security and compliance solutions will enable activity monitoring, reporting and risk assessment, to help protect critical information and ensure compliance.

Approach your business integration with the SEEBURGER SAS connector. We can help you connect and manage security and compliance applications and services.

Connectivity to SAS enables you to integrate with SAS’s Fraud Management, Anti-Money Laundering and Security Intelligence solutions. Once connected, the SEEBURGER BIS process engine controls the flow of financial data, allowing the SAS solutions to be used to assess the fraud and financial crime risk. The SEEBURGER SAS connector standardizes the communication to support the ingress and egress of data between SAS and SEEBURGER, enabling interoperability, technical integration and business monitoring.

For more information on the market-leading SAS/SEEBURGER payments integration solution, see our Smarter Payments Integration with Real-Time Fraud Detection brochure.

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