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Deep Process Integration into SAP® ERP Systems

SEEBURGER is a long time certified SAP partner with extensive SAP expertise. SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite (BIS) is our hybrid integration platform supports all systems and interface technologies that SAP offers – from SAP ERP R/3 to SAP S/4HANA®.

The SEEBURGER Solution Extensions for SAP®


SEEBURGER and SAP® have had a strong partnership since 20 years. Since SAP R/2, SEEBURGER has provided comprehensive integration solutions for companies using SAP. Today, SEEBURGER is the only provider on the market for hybrid integration platforms whose portfolio covers all the requirements of SAP users – whether it is for medium-sized companies or large enterprise corporations.

SEEBURGER solutions have been SAP certified since 1995 – from the classic EDI certification to the technically sophisticated NetWeaver PO certification. In total, SEEBURGER has carried out more than 50 individual certifications to date. As one of the few exclusive partners whose products are distributed worldwide by SAP, SEEBURGER also received the highest product seal of approval as part of the Premium Qualification.

The BIS ERP integration can be used as part of all integration scenarios and is mandatory in some case, e.g. B2B/EDI or E-Invoicing. There are numerous options (like tRFC, BAPI, HCP, PI/PO) for connecting to all SAP ERP systems from R/3 to SAP S/4HANA.


Compliant data exchange with customs authorities for SAP GTS

The EDI Service for SAP GTS provides fast and secure transfer of high-quality data with customs authorities of all countries covered by SAP GTS.

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SEEBURGER-Extensions for SAP ERP, SAP PO & SAP HANA users

The SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite provides comprehensive technical integration to any ERP system and has an especially deep integration into SAP.

SEEBURGER supports SAP users in the digitization of business processes with tailor-made solutions for lines of the business.


Process any E-Invoicing format seamlessly in SAP

SAP users benefit in addition from our Certified SEEBURGER Solution Extensions for SAP. With these solutions SEEBURGER simplifies the processing steps in SAP until the final document processing.

  • SEEBURGER Purchase-to-Pay
    Automation of inbound invoice collection and processing in SAP
  • SEEBURGER OmniChannel-to-Cash
    Automation of inbound order processing and accounting in SAP
  • SEEBURGER Console
    Central business monitoring of all document types in SAP

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Avoid data leaks in SAP environments

The biggest source of data breaches are negligent insiders.

Whether intentional or accidental, data leakage from key business applications continues to be a threat for many companies. Leakage can result in data breaches that violate compliance rules, including internal compliance mandates as well as partner or customer service level agreements (SLAs). Issues with privacy or data protection laws like the EU GDPR may also arise. These violations can cost your company fines, time and money for unscheduled audits and remediation and reputation damage.

The very thing that makes SAP invaluable to your business – it connects and manages strategic business operations data – makes it particularly vulnerable to data leakage. Companies using SAP strategically often run sensitive/confidential business data over these systems: customer records, price lists, human resources data, financial data, and more.

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See real world case studies how our customers modernize their integration and communication platform. Understand how they combine all sorts of hybrid integration with SAP® integration on one platform and how they digitalize their value chains.

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