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FTP Integration

Send and receive data using FTP to connect to your ERP or other third-party applications

SEEBURGER can help you connect and transfer data securely using any interface or communication protocol, such as FTP, between your applications, business processes, systems and trading and business partners across your entire ecosystem, both for on-premises and cloud-based endpoints.

There are two ways of using FTP connectivity for your integration projects:

  1. The universal FTP client workflow component enables sending and receiving (polling) to and from an external FTP server, supporting FTP SSL as well as FTP scripting. You can access the FTP client workflow component via the internet or you may directly dial-in via Windows dial-up network and ISDN or modem.
  2. The implementation of an FTP server allows receiving of uploaded files via FTP and FTP/S (SSL/TLS) as well as the provisioning of files for download.

If your use case is special, contact us to discuss how we can best meet your integration needs.


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